Fade to Black Episode 662 – Jason Quitt: Time Traveler and Other Cool Stuff

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Fade to Black: Episode 662 - Jason Quitt: Time Traveler and Other Cool Stuff

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Segment 1

Jimmy: Tonight, it is Jason Quitt! Very excited about this! He could be, and should be, and would be considered a lifelong experiencer, who has interacted with multi-dimensional beings. Since an early age, Jason has been awakened to things, that are outside the normal range of perception of... Just the physical world. He has many out-of-body experiences, has had encountered ghost, aliens and other dimensional beings. He has been taken out of body, on time-travel journeys, and has remembered many of his past lives. Since then, Jason has been studying various modalities and spiritual practices with teachers from around the world, and he graduated from the Institute of energy wellness in 2005. Began working with ancient healing techniques, and became a student of the Algonquin shamanism. From his out-of-body experiences, Jason has received information on numerous energetic systems of healing, and spiritual development. He's published these methods in his book: Egyptian Postures of Power, Ancient Qigong System, and the use of codes, sacred geometry mandalas of meditation. Now in 2015... Jason started to work on publishing his story and information with the late Bob Mitchell. Great friend of the show, I'm miss Bob every day! The book: Forbidden Knowledge, Revelations of a Multi-dimensional Time Traveller, was released in March 2016. We immediately after that had Jason on the show, and since then, he's been one of our most requested guests, and has become totally beloved by all of our fans here. All of the fadernauts. And it almost instantly went to international. Being translated into French, Spanish, German, Chinese and even Japanese. Jason also one of the guest personalities featured in the 2015 UFO documentaries: The Resonance, and has also worked as the creative director for Tesla Magazine from 2014 to 2015. His website of course is the http://thecrystalsun.com/, and I would like to welcome back to Fade to Black, our friend, Jason Quitt. Jason, my man!

Jason: What a weekend...

Jimmy: Yeah... Yeah man, what a weekend, and you get back to Canada, and you're immediately back on this show. Have you decompressed? I mean are...

Jason: I haven't unpacked my suitcase. I'm going to Boston tomorrow.

Jimmy: You know what? Rita and I do the same thing. We get back from conferences like that, and our suitcases hit the floor and we don't unpack them. Not for a few days at least. You know, it's just about the bed, and binge-watching something that we can fall asleep to for like 14 hours.

Jason: But you know what? It was my first time at contact in the desert and you know... It was Rita's fault.

Jimmy: Yes, I know I know I... Go ahead, go ahead... just let it out Jason...

Jason: I got an email from Rita, and she said you know Jason I think you should come to contact in the desert. Actually, she didn't say contact in the desert, she said CITD. Yeah, and I just wrote back to her. I said I don't want to sound ignorant, but what is that?

Jimmy: Hahaha. That's great! You know that's an amazing response, and I love the innocence of that, right? Because you know, for all of us it's CITD. Right, CITD. Yeah, but you didn't know. Now... and not to dwell on Contact in the Desert for too long, because we could spend the next three hours talking about this past weekend because it was extraordinary! I mean for you and for everybody else. But what an amazing... Is that the narliest thing you could ever imagine? It is just grand, it's massive, it's well produced and well attended. And the vibe it's not of this earth, is it? It's like otherworldly.

Jason: Yeah it was amazing. It was my first climb in the desert in America.

Jimmy: And now, you've done other conferences out there, and we do other conferences all year long too. But... And conferences are hard to put together, and they're all fun to attend. But when you go to CITD, after beating other conferences, what did you think?

Jason: It was the best conference I've ever been to. I mean the speakers were absolutely amazing. The attendees, I mean it was almost like this huge family get-together. It just felt so warm and inviting, and you know, you get a real education there. It was just an incredible journey.

Jimmy: Now... What the reception for you was pretty cool! Now I remember, you were spoke at the sanctuary, and as you know what our booth is right at the entrance to the sanctuary. So, I saw everybody going in, and as you know I was I was down the hill doing something else at that time. And I was on another panel, but I came up, as everybody was coming out. And you had a line. I mean a line, it was like a hundred-people standing in line, waiting to talk to you! How does that make you feel? I mean it's just I got to say it must have been pretty cool, right?

Jason: You know, I was... I wouldn't say competition, but it was I think Corey Goode and David Wilcock was doing a panel.

Jimmy: Right.

Jason: The same time in the amphitheatre, and you know, I'm a little worried because those are some big names, there right? So, everybody would go to their thing. And you, know the sanctuary I think holds about 500 people.

Jimmy: A little more than that, closer to 700 and they expanded the seats this year. Was it full?

Jason: It was totally full, I got to standing in the back.

Jimmy: Well you're pushing, when you get to that my friend - not to freak you out - but you know you're looking at close to a thousand people. So right on, man! That's rock and roll! That isn’t the Boy Scouts. That's the real deal.

Jason: And at the end, a standing ovation which I've never received before. So, it was like... It was such an amazing experience for myself.

Jimmy: You deserve it, you deserve it. And oh, by the way, you mentioned the Corey Goode, David Wilcock panel. That's the panel I was on. I introduced those guys, and then was asked to us hit in on that panel. Otherwise, my friend I would have been... My sloppy butt would have been right up that hill, checking you out, and that's the only reason why I wasn't there. It was an emergency, I needed to sit in. Otherwise, I would have been there... But I got to see the after-effects. I was like: well, is this is this for Jason? And I look over, and you're just speaking to one person, after another. I assumed you sold out of your books, right?

Jason: Yeah, they were kind of fighting, for the last copies.

Jimmy: Yeah man, you rock, Jason! And we're so proud of you, and like I said earlier, and I mean this. Right after the book was released, we got you on the show immediately. We feel a lot connected to you. And so, when I see something like that go down, at a major conference like that, with somebody that, you know, we've been with for so long, it's just... right on, man! One of our own! You know what I mean? Just go and do it! And just... Congratulations, it was really cool! All right, now enough about you Jason. How tall are you?

Jason: 6"5

Jimmy: I couldn't believe it. Man, you are one tall drink of water. I had no idea. Because we've only done this over, you know, you've been a guest on the shows on radio. And I could believe it. Yeah, that's Jason right there, standing next to... Somebody said you were there, so I see John DeSouza. John's right there, I have no issues with that. I know he's aren't... You mean, that guy? My goodness, Jason look at you. So, you're 6"5. That's pretty trippy, because you look young, you look... There's an innocence side of you, and yet you've got this, you know you're grown man and you're 6"5. Does that change things for you? Your perspective? I'm not kidding about this. Your perspective on the world. You know you're taller, you've got a view. You've got a world view as being that tall, and connection with inter-dimensional and everything else. Do you think that that might have something to do with it?

Jason: It could be, because you know, the body is a sacred geometry oscillating resonator.

Jimmy: Bingo!

Jason: So maybe, you know the crystalline material of my bone structure would resonate in different frequency ranges, that may type me into different dimensions, absolutely.

Jimmy: Yep, and I know, you know there's people out there listen: man, Jimmy is cracking a joke about he's height. And you have to think about this for a second. The body is full of minerals, it's electric. You're 6"5, and you're making these connections out there. Dude, you're just a tall radio tower, right? Yeah big cereal...

Jason: Well, I felt like a shrimp, next to Brad Oleson.

Jimmy: Oh man, yeah. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar would feel small, next to Brad Olson. And that's the truth, but yeah. I would think that that would have something to do with it, and that's a very interesting take. Now, with your presentation at contact - I want to visit that a little bit - it floored everybody, and for somebody like you, to be a first-time speaker there to get that much attention, and to have the entire conference, you know I'm walking around: "you guys heard Jason Quitt?" You know... What was it that you presented? Did you do the time travel stuff, were you talking about past lives? Did you go into Egypt where you're doing sacred geometry? What was your presentation about?

Jason: Honestly, I put it all together. My past life memories, pre-birth astral traveling, what I learned on the other side. You know, the different dimensions that we can travel in, different visionary states. What beings are on those levels. And you know, what I learned - I would say - on my shamanic journey. Because you know, I tell people that I've only been in - I'll call it - the UFO industry for about just over a year. I haven't really been here, I've been in the consciousness shamanic healing world of energy medicine, for about ten years. So for me... it's like all this contact, all this dimensional travel, it's a shamanic journey it's a healing process of awakening your consciousness to dimensions, that are outside of our third dimensional reality, and I kind of framed it in that shamanic healing journey state. And I think doing it in that way, really touched a lot of people in that room.

Jimmy: The mention of shamans invokes medicine. Have you done all of your journeys on medicine? Ayahuasca, DMT, Peyote and other medicines?

Jason: I love that question, because for me... I did all those experiences without any medicines. And then I started to read Terence McKenna.

Jimmy: There you go! Right, right...

Jason: So, it's like... I had all these experiences that I read from Terence McKenna, and I'm thinking he's describing the things that I do naturally. And then I did go to Peru, and I did do Ayahuasca and San Pedro. And for me it was a very cleansing thing, I didn't leave my body or anything, or visit with any beings. But I reached visionary states that was actually quite normal for me. So, I think that these medicines really just tune in our consciousness, to create a chemistry in our body, that could connect to these dimensions.

Jimmy: Was there... Let's stay right here for a second, now I've got a hundred questions I'm going to try to get out. Was there a difference with San Pedro and Ayahuasca, and those journeys, versus when you were doing that without?

Jason: Yes, I would say that the shamanic medicines or the plant medicines, they really ground you in your body. I know people say that it's an outer-body experience or a visionary state, but when I'm in that state with those medicines, I'm very much in tuned within my body. And I get to go inside my body to the inner realms, and I get to view the energies in my body, that I carry. And there's a lot of stuff within me, that I really needed to purify. I really needed to cleanse out of me. And using those medicines, I could actually get those out of my body quite easily. I was in a visionary state I call it a shamanic state, or a visionary state, where I could look inside my body, and almost feel the organs, or feel the blood going through my vessels, or feel the energy going in out of my body. And then I could track what needs to be done. So for me, it's a very much a working medicine, but I follow the medicine. The medicine is like a spirit and that the medicine could actually take me to places in my body, that I may have been ignoring. Or not able to see before.

Jimmy: That's interesting! And what about the other side of it? Because you had your experiences pre- medicines. Was it easier for you to understand, and get into the journey faster, you know, it wasn't a new experience for you. You had the previous knowledge of that world. Was it easier for you to make the transition?

Jason: I will tell you this, that after I did ayahuasca, it really changed me in a way where if I even... let's say like a friend of mine is smoking a joint for example. I don't know if I could say that on air, but if someone's smoking near me, and I just smell it. Like I'm not even smoking, but if I just smell it in the air, I have trouble holding myself in my body.

Jimmy: Wow!

Jason: Or even taking a sip of beer... I don't drink any alcohol whatsoever. Because if I drink alcohol, I start to feel like I'm losing connection to my body, like I'm going to leave.

Jimmy: Right, right. Yeah if I see somebody eating a Big Mac, I go out of body too. I'm with you I'm with you on that! Yeah... let me ask you. I just think that's hilarious in that it doesn't take much for a trigger, right? It's just... You only have to have the ability, and then if the trigger is there... BAM! And I find that fascinating. Oh, I wanted to ask you really quick... Again, I'm not making light of this I just want to know. When you go to Peru, and you're going down there for an ayahuasca ceremony, what do you do? I mean, is there an ayahuasca tour.com that you can sign into, and take a tour? Or do you go down to Peru and just go into a bar and ask: Hey dude, you know... I mean what do you do, how do you put that together?

Jason: Well, I actually had a friend, who goes down there quite a bit. And she's made friends with the local shaman community, and she's done her research. So that... When she invited me down it was already set up in advance.

Jimmy: Okay, and how excited were you on that plane flight? I mean, right?

Jason: Peru is like a bucket list for me, it was like going to another world, and by the way I was the tallest person in Peru.

Jimmy: Yeah, hahaha. Pretty exciting plane trip down. When you brought up San Pedro, so I don't think you did that on the same trip did you?

Jason: No, I did that actually a week after.

Jimmy: Well okay, so the same trip, or San Pedro back in the States?

Jason: It was back in Canada actually.

Jimmy: San Pedro in Canada? Dude the Mounties are going to be knocking at your door before the end of this broadcast tonight. What was the difference... I mean is San Pedro legal?

Jason: I have no idea, to tell you the truth. It was just a synchronicity. I was talking to someone who was a pharmacist. You know, this guy makes supplements for a living. And I was telling him about my trip to Peru, and he goes: "Oh I got San Pedro in my car, do you want some?"

Jimmy: Oh no...

Jason: And I just said, I was going to do San Pedro in Peru, and I felt bad that I didn't. So, it was almost like this universal synchronicity that suddenly I get home, and in a week later someone handing it to me.

Jimmy: Yeah right, right, right. With the San Pedro, you don't have a guide, or did you have a guide up in Canada to do the ceremony with you? Or did you just do it by yourself?

Jason: Okay, you got me to tell a really embarrassing story right now. But I'm sure that the fadernauts will love it.

Jimmy: Let's go, let's go.

Jason: So, the guy told me how to prepare it, I prepared it you know. And I drank it, and I'm lying in bed, and it's like two hours later and I feel nothing. Good enough...

Jimmy: Right, the famous last words, right?

Jason: Right, and then my buddy calls me up. It's a beautiful summer day out, and my buddy calls me up and he's like: you know let's go to the park and we'll you know throw a ball around. And I said yeah, of course. I didn't tell him anything by the way. And I get in my car, and I drive....

Jimmy: Oh no...

Jason: I drive to the park, I'm still perfectly fine. I get to the park, he starts throwing the ball and right when that... First, I caught the ball, suddenly it was like fireworks started to happen in my eyes. And I don't know if you've ever been on San Pedro, but it's very similar to peyote. Almost exactly the same. Basically, you're in that state for eight hours straight. There's no coming down.

Jimmy: No, no, no, no. I'm laughing with you because I know exactly what's going on. I know exactly what's happening. So, what happened? Wait, wait I'm going to jump ahead, what happened to your car?

Jason: My friend drove it.

Jimmy: Yeah, good, okay.

Jason: But at first, we went back to his place, and I think I played ping pong for four hours straight.

Jimmy: Yeah man, yeah man.

Jason: What a terrible story...

Jimmy: You know what, we've all got one or two, so it just right... You know what, a thousand people right now that have done the spiritual side of what you're talking about, just got back to go: yeah, yep I did that too. You know it's okay man, it's quite all right. But now, were you able to - with San Pedro - to connect as well? Did you take the journey? Did you finally sit down and deal with self?

Jason: I wish I did, but like I said I would. The environment and the people you're with is the most important part of that journey.

Jimmy: That's right.

Jason: I was like with someone who's very into sports, so basically I just did sports really well. For that time.

Jimmy: Yeah, ping-pong for four hours. What about... and now I'm just gonna ask it quick before the break. What about DMT?

Jason: Well, that... that's in the ayahuasca.

Jimmy: Yeah, I'm saying... Just DMT itself. Have you done that? Just smoke DMT?

Jason: No, no. I'm only done on the ayahuasca.

Jimmy: Okay, now let's jump back to Terence McKenna. So, you've read McKenna you've were in Peru, you did that experience. Have you gone back, and reviewed McKenna since?

Jason: Yes, and I think McKenna is like an absolute genius. Just the way he writes, and expresses himself. And you know, he really opened my mind to a lot of very interesting information. And even Graham Hancock, I think his book was called supernatural. Where he talks about the shamanic realm, being connected to let's say these astral worlds or spirits or ancestors or even the abduction scenario. And I would have to fully agree with that, because I was having that, without drugs. Without medicine. And then, when I went and tried - you know, after reading Terence McKenna -, after I tried the stuff. It was exactly the same, so it wasn't like, you know a drug is making you trick. No, the medicine was actually just taking you to that place, where you could naturally go with meditation, and different type of breathing exercises.

Jimmy: Right, right, and with Terrence, and I was with a group of people a couple of weeks ago, and his name came up. This was a group of people that really looked up to him. And still hold him in the highest. But for me, Terrence I think had two sides to him, in two parts of his life. That first section when he had discovered ayahuasca, and making those travels and writing about it, and expanding his mind, and going into those worlds and making those connections, and talking about the different creatures and beings, and things that he interface with, and the information, it was extraordinary! And to hear him speak about it, he speaks with such intelligence, because he's such a smart guy. And then, after that period, the last part of his life before he passed away... I just think that Terrence like to get high. You know, I think he enjoyed the experience. Nothing wrong with that, but you don't go on a two-month ayahuasca high, right? You know tripling... And he was talking about that. And I was like dude... But maybe he just enjoyed it, and ultimately it may have been his doing in. But I think that in the end, I think he just enjoyed the experience. Where before, he was more about the science of it, and the creativity of it, and how it was allowing him to pursue some of these others ideas. Which were just absolutely extraordinary.

Jason: I would actually really agree with you on this, because... You know, I ate ayahuasca once, and I will never do it again.

Jimmy: Right, right, there you go! Let's take a break right here! Now you and I are really on the same page. Our guest tonight Jason Quitt, this is Fade to Black, multi-dimensional time traveller, past lives, how about an ancient Egypt discussion? We're going to do all of that when we come back with our guest, Jason Quitt. Fade to Black on the GameChanger network and KJCR, the Planet, we'll be right back!

Segment 2

Jimmy: Welcome back, Fade to Black, I'm your host Jimmy Church, tonight our guest is Jason Quitt. Now, before the break, we were talking about San Pedro, the cactus. And you got to love the fadernauts, the tweet deck, and what is going on here. And as it turns out Jason, you're in the clear. San Pedro is totally legal in Canada. Okay, yeah, yeah. Jason's like "really?" and yeah, that's what a guy just said: I got it in the trunk of my car, I keep it with me wherever I go. But yeah, totally legal to grow, legal to buy, wow... So, there you go, okay I feel a little safer now, talking about it on the air. But it is legal. Jason what I wanted to do really quick, as you know, we talk about ancient Egypt an awful lot on this show, it was a big subject of this past week and it's always a subject on the show. And a couple of conversations that I had - once again privately - this weekend on Joshua Tree, were centered around the Great Pyramid and the Giza complex, and timing and dating and so forth. You get three four or five great researchers like that together, and you're going to get five different answers. So, I want to kind of go back and visit that again, in your experience there. But to get to that experience, I want you to share with the audience tonight. And by the way D’Souza if you're listening out there, you better call in at some point, I know we'd love to talk to you. Keep the party going. What led up to that experience and how did you get there?

Jason: What led to the experience in Egypt?

Jimmy: Yes.

Jason: Well, actually I wasn't into Egypt at all. But I was very sick, so growing up I always was... I always had problems, a problem called IBS which is called irritable bowel syndrome. And whenever I ate any food, it would just make me so sick, so my whole life, I was basically afraid of food. Of eating food. And I also had severe dyslexia, I couldn't read or write, and I had a terrible stutter. So, I wasn't in a very good state. I was also about a hundred... the lowest I think I was about 140 to 150 pounds. And you saw me this weekend, no I'm tall guy, I'm still skinny, but I'm 200 pounds right now.

Jimmy: Right, right. Now you're in shape, you look really good, and really healthy.

Jason: Thank you, but before I was just a walking skeleton. So, I wasn't doing well, and I went to see all these doctors, and got all these tests, and they basically told me that I'm very healthy. Which is for me, a huge joke in my life. And the doctors would always tell me: "don't worry Jason it's just stress, whatever your exchange thing is just stress". I don't know how they can say that to me with a straight face, because I was a very relaxed guy. And... So, my answer wasn't with the medical establishment. And when I started to go out body, the beings would tell me that I needed to heal myself. And since no one was helping me in the physical world, they sort of helped me in the spiritual world. And they actually would transport me back to Egypt at night-time. And they would teach me these postures. And I would work with these postures when I would be physical in this world. And I was told that I had to practice them, and as I practiced them, it changed the old Jason. I mean my stuttering went away, I could read books now, and write. It's like something switched on in my brain, where I can actually do these things. And my stomach became like a rock, like I could eat anything. So just doing these postures, changed my life. And it was all by... I would call it past life time travel, where I'm at night time I'd be transported back into a temple, and when you time travel, it's not like there's a date, like a calendar on the window where you say: "oh I'm in this date". It's just like you show up in a room, and there's a person standing there that looks like what the statues of Egypt looked like. Just like a pharaoh standing there, and they're holding a posture, they don't say a word to me, there was never a conversation. They were just standing there, and I would be standing in front of them, and then I would copy whatever they do. And when I would copy this posture, it would feel like something opens up above my head, and the only way I could describe this feeling... is a solar shower. It feels like a waterfall going through your body, so it's a very powerful waterfall feeling, but it's not water it's almost like this solar light. It's the only way I could describe it, it's very warm and tingling. And this was the most powerful energy I've ever felt. So, I knew, that there was something really important about these postures. And I would come back into my physical body, and document what I learned that journey, and then I would start to practice it. And I practiced it for many years, and then I was told that I should be teaching this to others, now that I've gone through this initiation. And that's what I've been doing ever since.

Jimmy: Now, I think I believe. Your experience with Egypt just happened once or was there more than one visit?

Jason: Oh, there was more than one visit. In fact, I went on multiple journeys to Egypt and a lot of them wasn't the postures, a lot of them was some type of initiations with a being by the name of Thoth.

Jimmy: Right, right.

Jason: And this being would take me at night, and it would just look like an old man to me. It just looks like an old man, he was bold, and I would just find myself with this person walking down corridors, and I had a really amazing... Actually, I had a couple really amazing experiences with this character. One is, he took me to see this coffin or the sarcophagus, and when I looked in the sarcophagus, it was like a man, but with a bull's head. And it wasn't like, it was a mask. This person really did have a bull's head, and for some strange reason, he didn't have legs, and I still don't have an answer for this, but from the knees down there were missing. And talks started, to pray or say these mantras. I can't really describe how he does this, but I'm standing there next to the sarcophagus, and he's taking all the jewellery off of Osiris in the sarcophagus, and as he's praying, he's putting these this jewellery on my body. So that was a really intense initiation that I did with him, and then there was another initiation. he took me to this... It was almost like a storehouse, and they had all these scrolls. And we went into this place and he found this a cylinder that had a scroll in it, and he handed it to me and he asked me to open it. So, as I opened this scroll, it's like a cylinder, it was metal cylinder, and as I opened the top of the cylinder, a sound came out of it. And this sound it sounded like a million-people saying a mantra, at the same time. It was such a powerful sound. And it reverberated through my entire body and it's almost like... I felt my body crack open, is the only way I described it. Every cell of my body cracked opened, and I woke up immediately from that journey, in my bed. And I... I couldn't stop crying. It's just like it just opened something up inside of me. And what Thoth said to me, that was an initiation, that now I hold the codes and memory of Egypt in my energetic fields in DNA. So, it's a very powerful journey that I went on with him.

Jimmy: Were you able to take this information and plot it out, and find out where your location was?

Jason: No, no. It's very strange. Usually, when I go to these places... it's like... just kind of wake up in the place. And usually it's like a room, usually it's like a building. So, for me to see the details of... you know like a mountain range, or the stars in the sky, never... it's just like you show up in a corridor, or you're just in a room.

Jimmy: It seems like if you went, and took this information to somebody like William Henry or Laird Scranton, and you described not only the buildings, but just the environment... you're suggesting scrolls, which says to me library, or... You know something else that they have been looking for a long time, but my point being if you share this experience with one of those guys, which I could certainly arrange for you. We should have done it this weekend, that's your fault, for not reminding me. But the information may resonate with them, and they could go: you know what, you were here, and you had this experience here. We never thought about the Hall of Records, right? The Library of Alexandria which we thought went into the sea, earthquake may have been located here, instead... But anyway, it would be interesting, and I think that you should share these experiences with somebody that knows Egypt like the back of their hand.

Jason: I did actually talk to Dr. Carmen Boulter.

Jimmy: Oh, you talked to Carmen about it and...

Jason: And we had a fascinating discussion together, and she was basically saying a lot of the stories I was telling her, were bang on to the information that she's received too.

Jimmy: Right, right, right. Yeah, I mean she's certainly somebody to speak to, and I would suggest maybe somebody else too as well. I'm sitting here listening, and there's enough detail there, that somebody you know like William Henry, who... Well any one of the guests on the show, certainly Carmen comes to mind too. But if you shared this, and just maybe somebody might be able to connect with it. Wouldn't that be fascinating?

Jason: Yes, and I actually learned something very recently. This was about a couple weeks ago. Because every time I tell people I saw Osiris with a bull's head, everybody says to me that's wrong. Osiris never had a Bulls head.

Jimmy: That's right I didn't want to say anything. You shared this with me before, and I didn't want... You know look, it's your experience, but what's even more interesting about your description, is the legs. So, let's go back to that for a second. You said it was below the knee there was nothing right? So, it was a torso, right? With thighs, and a bull's head. Now, at the bottom of the leg, what was there? Was it just flesh, just normal?

Jason: It was just flesh and normal.

Jimmy: Wow, that's trippy.

Jason: Yeah, and it looked like the sarcophagus was actually cut, to fit his no legs.

Jimmy: Oh, that was my other question, what was filling up the sarcophagus with the rest of... So, you're saying it was short, it was stubby?

Jason: Yes.

Jimmy: Very interesting! What colour was the bull's head?

Jason: It was almost like this... I would call it like a light chocolate brown.

Jimmy: Wow! Absolutely fascinating. Now, the jewellery that you were bequeathed do you remember what it looked like?

Jason: Yeah, it was like... You ever seen in Egypt those... it's almost like this very big necklace, that has all these beads and gold on it? It's like this big half a circle type of thing. I think there was a lot of blues and greens in it, and gold. I'd have to try to remember exactly what it was, but there's pictures almost exactly like that. And that was put on me, and then also he had all these like, golden bracelet things.

Jimmy: Right, right, right.

Jason: Those were put on me, but it was just the one necklace. It was it was a pretty big necklace.

Jimmy: Allison just posted, I'm sure you're with us on Twitter, she said: "no legs, means no escape".

Jason: Ouch.

Jimmy: Yeah right? That pretty fascinating. Your communication with Thoth, which I can only imagine was extraordinary. How did you do it? Was it telepathic, or were you guys speaking English? Or could you just miraculously speak some kind of ancient Egyptian, that nobody else speaks to this day?

Jason: It was absolutely telepathic.

Jimmy: Comfortable?

Jason: Oh yeah, but it's very strange, because his voice - what it felt like -, it felt like his voice was going through the hallways where we were walking, so wherever we were, it sounded like his voice was bouncing off the walls, but I could feel it inside my body. Like I could feel them vibrating within me, like it was directly being channelled through me.

Jimmy: Did you see any temples under construction? How much above ground were you? Outside of these corridors?

Jason: I think, I was underground. Because the walls were all stone, and it was lit by candles or fire light.

Jimmy: Did you see anybody building anything?

Jason: No, I didn't see anybody building anything.

Jimmy: I had a dream, and I don't do this much about Egypt. Oh, I dream about Egypt all the time, but I very rarely like regress in my dreams. But I had this dream as probably because I was listening to something as I fell asleep. But nonetheless, I had this dream about these... I can't describe, and they were like slave drivers, you know? Guys that were yelling and screaming. And I was down in this tunnel, and I was carving, right? I was carving, and I had some tools, so I'm helping everybody else carve this tunnel, and there was a bunch of us in there. It was a guy in front of me, a guy in back of me, but I was literally suffocating, and dripping in sweat. I had sweat dripping into my eyes, driven, you know and I couldn't, I had... I was like bathe, my hands... I couldn't hold the tools. And it was a claustrophobic, nutty, hot thing, that eventually woke me up. But it was vivid, and it was real. I remember also, this is the other thing, because you said it was lit up with candles. The tunnel, it was grey, the walls were grey, but it was lit up, like it was daytime. But I was deep in this tunnel. And there was somebody there further up towards the entrance, towards the light, that was like yelling and screaming. I'm not saying he had a whip, right? And was beating everybody, but he was yelling and screaming. And we... and I was like on the verge of death. Right? I was right there. So again, I want to ask as many as I can about visions like that, and what they saw, when they saw workers and how they were doing it. It was very vivid and I don't know, if it was some past life thing, or if it this was something that was a part of, you know, just fantasy but it was a pretty interesting to go through. Just felt vivid and real. You had mentioned to me before that you saw one of the pyramids under construction, but it wasn't Giza, was it? And there was a spaceship above it, right?

Jason: Me?

Jimmy: Yeah, I think you said... I believe it was you. Man, if it wasn't, I've now done one too many shows.

Jason: Okay... I did have a memory from Atlantis...

Jimmy: Okay, so then it wasn't you. I thought you were with... thoughts above ground, and in the background, there was a pyramid that was half under construction, and there was a huge ship above you, that you didn't know if it was doing anything with the pyramid, but it was floating in the air, and you thought that they might have been connected.

Jason: No, that wasn't me.

Jimmy: Oh man...

Jason: Too many shows. I want to go back to what you said about your memory. That's very common, for people to have a past life recollection of a traumatic memory. I'll tell you, almost every single one of my past life memories, is just before I die. So, it's a very like traumatic state that I'm in. And I think because of the trauma that you've went through, let's say in the construction of a pyramid. That continues to be a traumatic memory, that follows you along and I think that when you go back and acknowledge that, yes. That was you, and you probably died doing that. Then that will start to heal, and process through your system.

Jimmy: I just got an email from who it was, as you never know who's listening to this show. So, I'm not going to say who it was, but yet now I do remember, okay. Alright Jason, you're in the clear. I was hitting here going that I've lost my mind. I've lost my mind. The underground complex that you're referring to, it kind of sounds a little bit like some other stuff that is, you know, South in upper Egypt, along the Nile. Maybe Abydos, or some of those other large complexes, as you head further south, down the Nile. Was there... Did you have any communication about that? About its location, its proximity to the Nile, and its proximity to Giza?

Jason: Man, I'm not a good guest tonight, because in these journeys, they never give me names or places.

Jimmy: Right, right.

Jason: It's only been like... I've only received names and places maybe a couple times, in my entire life. And sometimes, when I ask these beings, whoever they are. You know, who are you, or where are we going? They kind of give me a look like... I should know this information already. It's very strange.

Jimmy: Well yeah, I totally get that. And maybe your next visit there, you'll be able to connect some dots, because you have some more knowledge about Egypt, than you had back then. That's first and foremost. But I want to go back to those scrolls Jason. Did you have any chance to look at one?

Jason: No, it was like a cylinder. How I described it... It was like a metal cylinder, and it's... let me think about how many... I have a ruler right here... Just try to gauge this, how big it was.

Jimmy: Maybe about a foot?

Jason: About seven inches in length, and probably about one and a half inches to two inches width. And it was almost like it had this thing on the top, where you can... Felt like a screw off, it just kind of came off the top, and when I opened it there was nothing inside, it was hollow. But what was inside, was the sound. It was like this sound came out of it.

Jimmy: Were there more than one?

Jason: Yeah, there were many in this shop. I call it a shop, because that's what it looked like. It was kind of small, you walk into it, and on either side, there was all these shelving. And some of the shelving’s had scrolls, but they weren't rolled up, they were like paper, they were pretty long. Probably about two and a half-three feet long. And they were flat, like piled up on the shelves, and some of them were scrolled up, and then some of them were these cylinders.

Jimmy: What was the... We we've got one minute. What was their purpose?

Jason: I think that, that place held ancient history, or pre-history, or information of the Stars. Or mystical information on how to travel to other worlds. How to travel to other dimensions. And I think that was part of the training process of the Pharaohs.

Jimmy: We've got to get to back to where these are. We've got to find them, because if they were metal... Jason look, check this out! You got to remember, this is before - I'm assuming - before the iron age, before steel, right? They were in the bronze age. Stone age transition into the bronze age. So, they were dealing with bronze and copper. If these were steel, or made of something else, that predated even that, that's spectacular.

Jason: It would be like a brass or bronze. It was just metallic.

Jimmy: But the point being, that they're still around somewhere.

Jason: Very muffled.

Jimmy: Yes exactly, and we got to find out! That's unbelievable. Let's take a break right here, our guest tonight: Jason Quitt. When we come back, we're going to continue our discussion about Egypt. We're going to talk a little time travel, and I'm going to try to talk John DeSouza, in joining this show. This is Fade to Black on the GameChanger network, and KJCR, the Planet. We'll be right back!

Segment 3

Jimmy: All right, welcome back! Our guest Jason Quitt, I'm your host Jimmy Church, this is Fade to Black, and Jason check this out! I just got a tweet from Tanner, and he says: Jimmy, thanks for not once talking about time travel, during your time travel special. Ouch! We're just talking about him traveling back to ancient Egypt. How much further back in time can one go? Well, apparently a lot further, according to Tanner. I want to talk about the age of the pyramids. Did you get... Now that you've had these experiences, and your accumulating this knowledge, what's your call on that? What do you think, what's the age of the pyramids?

Jason: I think the pyramids were there even past 12,000 years ago. I think that, there was a worldwide civilization, I think that the pyramids have been rebuilt over time, and I think that it was some type of global network, to do something with gravity.

Jimmy: Now... Okay go ahead, go ahead...

Jason: No, I really think that in the past, there was some problems with the earth. Maybe a comet hit, or you know there was some type of upheaval on the planet, and it caused chaos around the world. And the tectonic plates weren't stable, the atmosphere wasn't stable, and for the human race to survive, or whoever was here before to survive, there had to be some type of solution to correct those mistakes, to kind of balance out the planet, and I think the pyramids was one of these terraforming technologies.

Jimmy: Wanted to talk about the postures of power, the Egyptian postures of power. You were going through an illness at the time, and you were shown this, and were you healed completely? I mean off medication, and everything else?

Jason: Completely.

Jimmy: Okay, let's talk about the postures of power, and where is this book available?

Jason: It's available on my website, which is the [crystalsun.com crystalsun.com].

Jimmy: Okay, that's simple. Okay, and the links are over at [JimmyChurchRadio.com JimmyChurchRadio.com]. Let's talk about the postures of power. Let's talk about the first time you were shown this. What happened?

Jason: Well, the first time I was shown this, like I was telling before, I was just showed up in this temple, and there was a pharaoh looking guy standing in front of me. Standing in some posture, and I knew I just had to copy him, and when that happened, I felt that thing open up above my head and energy run through me, and I woke up in my bed after the experience, in the exact posture I was in, in the journey. And I was still vibrating with the same energy going through my body, and I was awake. And then, when I let go of the posture, the energy shut off. So right there, I knew that this was something very very special, because I've never felt anything like that before. And you know, just to go back to Qigong or postures... We all know, that energy runs through our bodies. You know we're energetic beings, energy goes through us. So, when we change our posture, or when we change our geometry, what we're doing is we're saying, we're going to change the flow of energy in our bodies.

Jimmy: Now is this laying down, standing up? Sitting? When we talk about posture the first thing that comes to mind, is how we stand? Describe that to us.

Jason: Yes, these postures are mainly a standing posture.

Jimmy: Okay.

Jason: You have your feet on the ground. Usually your left foot is forward, and the way I was taught is that your left foot is forward, most of the time, because when you put your left foot forward, it's like an in-and-out breath. Your left foot connects you to the universe, and your right foot connects you to the physical body. So, when you're walking, it's almost like you're cycling between those two energies. So, when you're holding a posture with your left foot forward, you're expanding your awareness out into the universe, and the universal energy is now flowing into your body.

Jimmy: With Egyptian hieroglyphics... I know that they're positioned both ways for different reasons, but... is the left foot usually forward and dominant?

Jason: Yes.

Jimmy: Interesting. And the traditional way of looking at that through academia, when we refer to this, why is the left foot forward?

Jason: They really don't know the exact reason, they said that the left foot forward was to honour Ra, or to connect to Ra, or to show your respect to Ra. It was something that... And you know what I've asked many people, you know, tell me why they're standing in these postures? Because there's tons. There's hundreds and hundreds of statues of them, standing in various postures and even artwork of them standing in postures. And I ask you know why are they standing like this? And the answer I always get is "we don't know, but we know that it has something to do with religion". So there really isn't an answer that explains why they're doing this.

Jimmy: Okay, let's stay with this posture, I've got a couple more questions, I want to hear a little bit more. Okay, so with this posture, the left foot is forward, and what else can you tell us?

Jason: Well, there's multiple postures, but the first posture is, you know you're standing up straight, and your left foot is forward, and your hands are by your side. And in a fist so they're not open, they're in a fist. And then what you do, is you slowly raise your arms in about 90 degrees at the elbow. And you're standing like this. Just by standing like that, what you're doing is you're starting to ground your energies into the earth. You're starting to open up the energetic system, and you're starting to... I would say balance and ground your energy, so that you can prepare yourself for the next postures, that are coming.

Jimmy: I was coughing, and everybody had the bunker cam, was just laughing, I forgot to hit the cough button. What would the difference be, if your hands were not clenched?

Jason: It's just a polarity. And the postures use both open hands, and closed hands. So, when your hands are closed, it's almost like you're closing the circuit. You're building energies within, and when you open, your hands you're letting the energy go, and transfer.

Jimmy: Right, right. I'm doing this in the studio by the way, as we're talking about this. So left foot forward, arms down. Fist right clenched.

Jason: Yeah, it's not a hard fist, it's a soft fist.

Jimmy: Okay.

Jason: And your hands are down by your side, and then you just slowly lift your arms up, so your elbows are at a 90-degree angle.

Jimmy: Right, right.

Jason: And then you just kind of hold it there, and still. What I like to do, is I wait in this posture until I can feel the heat, going into my hands or my stomach.

Jimmy: Right, right, okay.

Jason: And then when I feel that, then I slowly move my left arm up to my shoulder, and my right arm down to my side. And then I just slowly switch and repeat that. So now I'm just taking my right arm up to my right shoulder, and my left hand down, and I'm just slowly doing that. And what this is doing, is it's actually strengthening and building the energies of your polarities. We have two polarities in our body, and what we're doing is we're strengthening our polarities, by doing this. Now the beautiful thing about a posture, is that when you stand in a specific posture, or do a posture like you're doing, you're actually creating an energetic magnetic field around yourself. And the more you do it, the stronger that field becomes. So, if you do postures in a certain order, you're building a very unique energy field around you. So, this is like a very powerful science of energy. And if you continue to do that with your energy fields, what you're doing is you're taking control of your energy fields, you'll you're starting to put out different resonances. And I think that... the reason I healed myself doing this, is because our energetic fields are... they're a program. And we carry all these distortions in our energy fields, that keep us in the same patterns of life. And what we're doing is we're using the postures, to recreate new energetic fields around us, and the stronger route we make those fields, those other distortions just fall away.

Jimmy: Now, I'm on the bunker cam, they can see me. I've got my left foot forward, right? I'm doing the... I'm doing the movements with the hands, and this is posture number one. When you said you woke up in this posture? Were you standing, when you when you woke, up were you laying down doing this?

Jason: I was laying down, and I swear to you my left foot was up in the air.

Jimmy: I believe... That's funny! I believe you though! It's an interesting thing to do. I'm kind of tripping a little bit, with you Jason.

Jason: I probably... well, you know. I should have pulled you aside at contact, and said Jimmy I'm going to teach you something.

Jimmy: Right. Well no, I think I got it, I think I got it! I don't know if I'm ever going to have my right foot forward again. I've been backwards this whole time.

Jason: And it's very strange, because when you start practicing these postures, and putting the left foot forward, you get pain in your knees, your hips and pain throughout your whole body. Because the body is not used to standing with this left foot forward.

Jimmy: It's not, I'm backwards. I'm telling you I feel backwards. But their arm movement, with my... I'm holding my fists lightly, you know I'm not clenching. But I'm doing your vibe, and I know everybody...

Jason: And that's just the first intro posture, and that there is a twelve more after that. Plus, an additional twelve. And then there's an entire other system, called the salute to the moon. Which is a little advanced. Have you seen the show The OA?

Jimmy: No.

Jason: Okay, have you heard of the show?

Jimmy: Yes.

Jason: I'll just quickly tell you. Basically, in this show, this lady has outer body or near-death experiences, and as she goes to the other side, they teach her postures to heal herself and others.

Jimmy: Oh, the OA! Yeah, we have seen some of it, yes, yes...

Jason: They teach... they give her a set of postures for healing, and then they give her some more postures, to add to that, which takes you out of this dimension.

Jimmy: Very interesting. What was posture number two? While I'm standing here.

Jason: You know, what you're going to do is you're going to take the arms, and put them back at the side. And then what you're going to do, is you're going to bring it up, and cross it over your heart, so your hands are now over your heart crossed.

Jimmy: Which goes first?

Jason: It's actually... If you just close your eyes, and pick your arms up, it should be natural.

Jimmy: Okay, all right.

Jason: You just hold this, this one is called the Heart Pulser, and what it's doing is building energy around the heart chakra. Because our heart is really our universe. It's the centre of us.

Jimmy: Left foot forward, right?

Jason: Yep, and as you're standing like this, you're building a polarity in the heart. And then what you do, is and you open your palm, so your hands are now open on your heart.

Jimmy: Oh, they already were.

Jason: Okay. Well then, you can just now close them in a fist as well. So, it's like building, and then opening. Building and then opening. Two polarities start to strengthen and build the energies around the heart.

Jimmy: Man, you know what? This is what's really funny here, people. And I hope... Look I know people were going to start posting pictures of me doing this. This left foot forward thing, throws you off balance. It's hard to stand! Right?

Jason: Oh yeah, and it's all like lose your balance.

Jimmy: Yes!

Jason: And it's just because you're recalibrating your whole energetic system.

Jimmy: Dude, you're tripping me out right now! Right foot forward on my left leg? I can do this for 24 hours, right? I don't wiggle, I'm balanced, I can do it. Put your left foot forward and do this. Your bass-ackwards, right? You can tell, it just feels completely unnatural. And you would think that it would be more natural, if your right side is dominant, right? Because you're standing on your right leg, your left foot is forward. You're not standing on it. That's really a trippy experience.

Jason: Yeah and the thing with these postures, in Qigong... When you start to practice this, you become sensitive and aware of energy. So, you can start to feel if they like movements of energy going through your body, or around your body. You can feel things starting to heat up, or tingle, or you may even experience pain. And pain is just showing you... you know where there's something that's stuck, that you need to work on.

Jimmy: Yeah, like my right leg right now is going: dude, uncle. I give... I give... we don't have to do this anymore, Jimmy. You know it's really trippy. I've gone back to the left foot back, you know right foot forward, totally a natural position. You go to the opposite, and it's... Yeah that's pretty weird man. I would have never thought about that. Now when I do the natural thing on my chest, with my hands. Yeah, no matter what, right hands going first. If I go with my left hand first, now I'm really out of whack. Like I'm out whack, whack! It's totally unnatural.

Jason: Well, I have to tell you: when I started practicing this daily... all the postures... I felt my organs moving in my body.

Jimmy: Yeah, I felt more than that moved, actually.

Jason: Like it would be this pop, and then suddenly I'd feel like an organ like move... And for me it was just confirmation, that this is really rewiring the energetic system, and putting everything back into the place that it needs to be.

Jimmy: Wow this is a trip. Okay, I'm going to sit back down. I'm wandering... Who out there was doing this with us? It's like an exercise class, here we go.

Jason: There is a lot of people on Twitter doing it, and I'm watching them.

Jimmy: Oh, are they? Okay. Now why is someone posting these pictures of me flashing my tattoos? We don't need that, that's nasty. Oh my gosh... I just threw up a little bit in my mouth. Take that down please. Somebody take that down. Yeah, doing this in the studio was pretty strange. That whole left foot forward thing is... is bizarre. Yeah, I'm just waiting to hear hokey-pokey. Oh yeah, it's funny.

Jason: You know, I did it because nobody else was helping me. So, I didn't have anybody to turn to for help. And this is the information it was given to me, and you know what? I'm very thankful that I listened. To these postures, because it really opened me up more to the astral world, in the outer body world, in the energy world.

Jimmy: With each one of these movements... You just showed me two here. How long for each one?

Jason: I teach maybe about three to eight breaths each hold. But it really depends on the person. Like I'll teach it very fast to a person. Just so they could remember it. And then once they memorize the whole sequence, then I say now you can do it, as long as you want, or as short as you want.

Jimmy: Right, right, right. It's tiring, it's tiring. Because, you're not doing anything, you're just standing. But it is tiring, because it's not a natural position. If you had your right foot out, and you're standing on your left leg, the natural position, and you're going through these movements... it's nothing. But your muscles, especially when... And Jason this is what's interesting with this. I've studied this a lot. When you are standing, you are using every muscle in your body, right? Everything is moving to keep you balanced. Your toes are moving, your back, your shoulders, your chest, your spine, everything is in constant motion, flexing and letting go and tighten, to keep your balance, right? Standing is tiring on your body. But if you're doing it on your right leg or your left leg, and your right foot is forward, that's a natural position for you to stand in. And you can last forever, because those muscles are used to flexing in that position for your entire life. Are you with me? They're done, they've worked out. You switch that position unnaturally, now all the muscles in your body are working in the opposite direction, and they are not used to it at all.

Jason: And it's the same thing with your energetic body. It's a muscle we've neglected, and we don't really know much about it. It's your whole life you're neglecting a part of you. And then suddenly you're starting to say okay, I'm going to pull energy in from the universe, and I'm going to activate my energetic systems. There's a lot of pain associated with that.

Jimmy: Right, right, right.

Jason: Like help teaching someone how to walk again.

Jimmy: That's fascinating, yeah! You should have pulled me aside. I will say this you got to see Jason. Everybody was talking about his health and when he's younger. Jason has nice posture today. You know? I'm serious about this too! You brought that up, but you look great! You look healthy, and you know you're tall, and you're in shape, you look great. How long did this transition take?

Jason: Ten years.

Jimmy: Ten years.

Jason: And I'll tell you, I feel like I still got 10 years ahead of me to get to where I really want to be.

Jimmy: Yeah, I'm sure, I'm sure. Maureen St. Germain, you know Maureen, we all love her. She just tweeted out: in marching in any marching band or drill team, you lead with your left. Interesting!

Jason: And I know that in kung-Fu, and other martial arts it's always the left.

Jimmy: Right, right, right. That's why I don't succeed in any of that stuff. I want to talk about... For everybody: get the book, and it's very simple, it's called the Egyptian Postures of Power, Ancient Qigong System, so it's right there on his website, the [crystalsun.com crystalsun.com]. The links are over at [JimmyChurchRadio.com JimmyChurchRadio.com]. Now, a lot of people today, when they see your name and they talk about you, they talk about time travel. And time travel has been discussed a lot, in the last 12 months. You've been part of that firestorm, which we are not going to visit tonight at all, so if anybody thinks that's about to come up, it is not. But Jason, there are many, many, many forms of time travel. Many different time travel theories, and when you discuss time travel, your experience with it, your version of time travel is what?

Jason: It's multi-dimensional time travel. Which means, my physical body is sleeping in bed, my astral body is leaving my body, or is taken from my body, and then I am projected into either a parallel timeline, future timeline, past timeline, or even to other dimensions, or other planets.

Jimmy: Is this a fair representation of time travel, with individuals’ expectations of the conversation?

Jason: Well, most people are familiar with time travel, like a machine. You grab onto a machine, or you step through a machine, and you choose the date and time. That has never happened to me, and I've yet to meet somebody, who's a true time traveller that can prove to me, that they've done this. But for me, it's always been out-of-body, and it's the same thing with abduction scenarios for me, as I can feel a presence walking into my room, but I can't see them with my physical eyes. I can feel them, because I'm very sensitive with energy, I could feel them walking into the environment. And then if I leave my body, suddenly it's clear as day, I can see them standing right there. So, for me, time travel, or entities have always been outside of the third dimension. So, it's like... once you're in 3rd dimension, you're bound by this time and space. But once you exit the third dimension, entered the astral state, or 4th dimension, suddenly there is no time and space, and you can jump all over the place.

Jimmy: Right, right. I just fixed the bunker cam everybody, I was astral projecting myself, I just didn't get up. Okay, so now I'm back down, we're all good. That part of time travel... Is it an honest version? In other words, are you traveling in time? Or is this part of your tapping into the electric universe? And you're seeing what has been recorded, and not necessarily travelling back or forward in time, on a time line?

Jason: Very much possible, that everything has been recorded. The future and the past, and that we actually project our consciousness into various time periods through incarnation. I would say, alter the flow of the destiny of time. So, it's almost like... Everything exists as one, at one time, and our consciousness is kind of... I would say planted in different time and space dimensions. And we can actually jump between these time-space dimensions, figure out is this the path that we want to take, is the experience we want to learn? And if it's not, then we could change it, and then we evolve all of time, together.

Jimmy: We're going to take a break right here, Jason we're going to continue this conversation when we come back. Absolutely fascinating! Jason Quitt, interdimensional time traveller. We're going to continue this, because I have some more questions, and you know where I'm going to go. Because this is Fade to Black on the GameChanger network and KJCR, the planet. More with Jason, right after this.

Segment 4

Jimmy: Welcome back, Fade to Black. Follow me on twitter, at @JChurchRadio, that's what you want to do. @JChurchRadio. You can follow Jason Quitt, @Jason_Quitt, simple enough. You know Jason, you could have had one "t", and you would have been different from all the other Quits. Or did you add the second "t", to separate you from the other Quits?

Jason: That's a good question. I actually don't know how the family got that name, but I think it was changed from something else. When we came over to North America.

Jimmy: Yeah, maybe it was continued.

Jason: Right. But it is a very unique name, and you know... I was thinking of changing it before I went public with my information.

Jimmy: Right, right. No, never do that.

Jason: But I thought you know what? It's such a unique name, people remember it.

Jimmy: Yeah, absolutely. When you were growing up - I mean with the last name like Quitt -, trust me I had last name Church, you know. I got it from everybody growing up... how about you did was Quit? I mean did you just hate it, or were you cool with it?

Jason: My nickname was Quitt.

Jimmy: Yeah, right, right, right. Kids are....

Jason: My whole life, I was never called Jason, I was called Quitt.

Jimmy: Oh man, yeah me too! I was never called Jimmy, I was called Church. And it bothered me, I called all of my friend a Bill, hey John, hey Alan, right? I never called anybody... but I was Church, and... or worse than that, but yeah there you go. But I dig the name, Jason Quitt is cool, I'm really glad you didn't change it. Back to time travel. All right, so we have these different takes on it but with yours, which I really enjoy, do you think there will be a technology someday, when we can go back and capture the past, and visited electronically? And record those events, or record the events from the future, capture them, and then view them here for everyone? I mean, because it's out there, right? It occurred, it happened.

Jason: Yeah, and I think people have been talking about that for quite a long time. And I think that's the whole concept of that time viewing machine that the Vatican has. Chronograph, you know...

Jimmy: The chronovisor.

Jason: Chronovisor, that's it. But basically, it's almost like a radio, where you're tuning in to this electric signature of time itself, and at once you get that tuning, then you can actually interpret that what you're seeing.

Jimmy: Well there's the other side, which is tapping into you, what you're seeing, where you are, and recording that. Right? And if there's a way to build that interface between you - you know, you put on your little helmet with the wires coming off of it -, and hit a computer interface. You go, you have the experience, and we're able to record it, and see what you are seeing.

Jason: You know, that definitely could be a potential future. I don't know how far technology is gotten. But we are electrical in nature, and we are like a tuning fork, or a radio antenna. So why wouldn't we be able to pick that stuff up, and translate it?

Jimmy: DARPA is going to be calling you very soon, if you think about this. They're listening right now, and they're like Church is right, he's onto something here. But think about that Jason, then we have this other difficulty. You could potentially be sitting in a DARPA lab for two or three years, and not have the experience, right?

Jason: Oh yeah, I mean the experience is a deeply personal thing, and you can't climb it. It's not like I'll sit down and meditate, and say I would like to go back to Egypt please.

Jimmy: Right, right. And call your guides, and they just show up and you tell them, you know you want to go back, and see JFK get shot. It doesn't work that way, does it?

Jason: No, it happens when you least expect it. Like I remember - I'll just share this story quickly -, I remember that I was like really good. I was doing meditation, Qigong every single day, I was doing my intentions, and nothing happened to me. Nothing happened for months and months and months, and I just continued to do my meditations. And one night, it was a friend's birthday party and they said, come out and have a few drinks with us. And I said you know what? Nothing's happening to me, yeah, I'm coming. And I went out for drinks it was a late night, I get home you know, plop on the bed and go to sleep. And then suddenly there's somebody in my room, trying to talk to me. Like there's a being there, just wanting to give me information. And I just turn over I said: you know I've been meditating and so good... these past months, but... Why are you showing up here, when I'm like drunk and I just want to go to sleep? And the answer I got is: you know, we come on our time, not your time.

Jimmy: In what's interesting here, with that... Oh by the way, I'm tweeting this out now. Who is everyone seeing? You know, on Twitter? Okay, you don't. You're appearing at the Alien Cosmic Expo? Toronto June 23rd through the 25th?

Jason: Yes.

Jimmy: Okay, I'm just going to tweet this out for you my friend. It just popped up, I wanted to make sure that this is really you. Was that you're really appearing... Okay, all right. For all of our good friends in the great white north, there you go! June 23rd to 25th, Steven M. Greer, Stanton Friedman, Paul Hellyer, who else is going to be there Jason?

Jason: I have to go look.

Jimmy: It doesn't matter, doesn't matter. I just retweeted it, and everybody can go and check that out. Now, back to this experience. When was the last time, you travelled?

Jason: Okay, let me think about that for a second.

Jimmy: You've been on the show... I'm trying to think the last time you were on. Probably six months ago? Have you done it in the last six months?

Jason: I've left my body, in the past six months. I haven't travelled through time though, if that's what you asked.

Jimmy: Right, right, right. When was the last time you travelled through time?

Jason: I would say... I think I said this on your show, I went to the year 2700. And this was... That would be like a true time travel thing, like what we're talking about. I have a lot of time travel which is past life. But I don't think people like to hear about those things.

Jimmy: You think that what... Yeah, I understand that. That's also more personal too as well. Going to the future, and seeing the future is pretty trippy for anyone.

Jason: Yes, and the way that it happens, which is very strange. Is that, you'll be taken out of your body, and you'll be transported there. There's a couple ways they transport you. One is you know, you go into outer space, and then you go back to the earth, and it's a different time period. And the other is through different portals. So, it's like you'll just go through a portal and suddenly you're flying in the air. It's obviously your astral body that's doing this journey, and for me, there's always this being. It's like holding my shoulder behind me. So, it's like behind me, and travelling through me, and we're connected through telepathy. So, as I'm travelling with this being, I could ask questions. Like you know, where are we going? They can say oh we're traveling to Pegasus, or what time period is this, and that's when they told me 2700. And basically, what they were showing me in 2700, was that there was this society, that was fully integrated with this AI intelligence.

Jimmy: Right, right.

Jason: And I thought, it was the coolest thing in the world. I, you know... When I was there, I was looking and it just looked like... you ever see the movie Equilibrium?

Jimmy: Oh yes.

Jason: It kind of looked like that, they were all wearing like... the same clothes, everything was nice and clean. But the buildings were very futuristic, and they're almost like just all like type of glass, the shimmering like white, very clean-looking society. And the thing that I was showed in there, is that there was like an interface between the people and the buildings. So that like when you would walk into a building for example, you could have a conversation with the building - in your mind -, and you could have a conversation with anybody else that's there with you, or somewhere else on the planet. And it was all in your mind. But it was done through this type of AI interface. And the thing that really freaked me out - and I talked about it last time on the show -, is that they were kind of trying to give me a historical context, of what had happened here. And they were they were trying to show me that there was like a battle over earth, and the population of the earth. And it was between two alien groups. They showed me one of the group that was fighting, and I told you before it looked like ant people. Their skin was very much like... almost like an elephant, but more like maroonish. And for some reason it would show me these ant people, with these step pyramids. And a step pyramids look very ancient, when they showed them to me. So, my guess was that we would know these ant people from these step pyramids. I don't I don't know how that makes sense, but that's what was shown to me. And they didn't show me the other alien group that was fighting. But somebody won. And now the human population was very technologically advanced, and they were all integrated as this almost like this Borg one-mind society. And when I came back from that vision, or that journey. I was actually thinking wow, that's so cool. Like you know to have that kind of connection. And then I started to feel this queasiness in my stomach, but I almost felt sick after that. And then I started to contemplate it, I think that's really awful if that is the future.

Jimmy: What's interesting for me, is that the telepathic, or the communication or instructions, or the... You know the desire to do something, or turn something on, or entered or so forth, was done with the mind, but it wasn't an exercise of the mind, or true telepathy. It wasn't biological, you're suggesting that this was a pure technology-driven phenomenon.

Jason: Exactly, pure technology. No spiritual development.

Jimmy: Was it because everybody had implants, was there something implanted on everybody, that allowed this communication?

Jason: I think it was some type of... The only way I could think about it is, some type of neural pathway takeover. And it had to have been wireless. Where basically you're in the field, of that AI consciousness. So, you're tapped in, just by standing on the earth. Just like we're tapped into the Earth's magnetic field now, and we could talk to our ancestors through that. Or your spirits, it's exactly that type of technology, but done with other intelligence.

Jimmy: But again, if there was some kind of interface there, it seems like... We're inventing stuff all over this show tonight Jason, well done. And we need to pattern some of this technology. I'm thinking that maybe there was an implant somewhere, and your brain is connecting into those brain waves, and then the communication is happening. Which is fantastic technology, if they could pull that off.

Jason: That's just what I assumed, from what I experienced. That it would be purely technological.

Jimmy: Now, in this vision. Not vision in the future... This visit to the future, it's interesting how they shared that with you. This is 2700. Oh, by the way, was it 2700 or 2701, 2699, 2735? Or was literally 2700?

Jason: I think they just said 2700.

Jimmy: Okay, okay.

Jason: A big term of you know...

Jimmy: Yeah, they rounded it off for you. What about trees? What was the... Could you see the sky, was the sky still blue? What was it like outside?

Jason: Yeah, the sky was still blue, and when they showed him those pyramids, there were trees, and there was a long grass. And some of these pyramids it looked like they were overtaken by this grass.

Jimmy: And the pyramids, were they smooth?

Jason: No, no. I also think we were very eroded. Very eroded, like old, and they were stuck.

Jimmy: Now, wait a minute here. Okay, now we're onto something, we're back to almost the beginning of the show. What did they look like? See because this can indicate what part of the world you are in.

Jason: I'm just going to draw it in front of me, so I can just get a visual here.

Jimmy: Yeah, I mean a step pyramid, like dozer, like Egypt? Or step Pyramid like Mexican? Step pyramid like Mayan?

Jason: It looks like a cake. Like... One layer, on top of another layer, and each one was progressively smaller, and it was square.

Jimmy: Okay, so draw, take a picture of it, post it on Twitter, let's see how good Jason Quitt really is. He's a social media guru.

Jason: Let me see if I can do this...

Jimmy: Well as you're doing that, you can talk and chew gum. The buildings, do you think that part of this may have been your imagination? What makes you think that it was actually the future? And what about television, pictures on the wall? Flat screens, did you see the news? Any reports on the weather, were there any talking heads? How did they communicate? Were there had cell phones? Was there anything like that any handheld communication devices? Did they have watches on? Did you smell any perfume? Were they wearing makeup? Okay, answer all of those.

Jason: You got it. The answer to all of those, is basically no, to all of that stuff. In this journey I wasn't there very long at all. I'm just building this.

Jimmy: That's fine, so no perfume, no makeup?

Jason: No, no. I didn't see that at all.

Jimmy: And were it sounds like everybody was the same, we're there anybody overweight, was there anybody really skinny, or was everybody really healthy?

Jason: Honestly when I saw them, it didn't even dawn on me with they were just all basically the same.

Jimmy: Right, interesting. So, they figured that out, they figured out the perfect diet. Attractive? Was everybody attractive?

Jason: Not in the sense that I would know, they weren't attractive.

Jimmy: Oh really? So, you didn't sleep with any aliens, when you were there?

Jason: You know what, it's great, because I've done conferences where people have literally asked me to describe any aliens, that have slept with you.

Jimmy: Right, I know, right? Why does everybody want to know that? Over the weekend... We were... I'm not going to say who, what, when and where. But there was a lot of alien sex talk. Everybody is in a good mood, they just want to talk about alien sex. And so... Which I know nothing about, but to back to this... Was there anybody with a disability? Did you see a wheelchair, did you see anybody... or again, did they start to perfect some genetics? Do you think there was some altering of DNA, and the genome?

Jason: Yeah, I really think that they created some type of human. It... By the way, we're just speculating here.

Jimmy: Of course.

Jason: I have no idea what the true answer to this is, but if I would speculate from my experience, I would say that it did look... it did look human, but not the humans we would recognize here, living here. There's too much variety right now. It looked like it was very streamlined over there.

Jimmy: And did you see any artwork?

Jason: None.

Jimmy: Billboards?

Jason: Nothing.

Jimmy: Movie posters... didn't... I mean music, did you hear music?

Jason: No.

Jimmy: Man, it's going to suck in 2700, is what you're saying.

Jason: Well, if that is the true future, then yes, it would suck. But I have a theory about that too. Is that maybe the reason we see the future, is because it's a potential, and as we see it, we start to change it from far back in the past. So, it's almost like the butterfly effect. Like if we can change something very small now, maybe that future will never happen.

Jimmy: Did they talk about visiting us, could they time travel?

Jason: No, they never talked about that. The conversations I've had through telepathy have been very... I would say one worded. They don't really explain things, and you kind of leave these experiences with way more questions, than answers.

Jimmy: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, absolutely.

Jason: I'm sorry, like... You know, I can share these experiences, but you know, I can only be truthful to like what I've been shown. If I'm tweeting this pyramid here, maybe someone could help me.

Jimmy: You haven't finished yet? I've been waiting.

Jason: Yeah, I just put it on...


Jimmy: All right, okay. Okay, let's see. Where's it, did you hashtag me? Where is it?

Jason: I'm not a good tweeter person.

Jimmy: Man, Jason... Yeah, you need to come, start hanging out. The thought about that, would you... Okay, do you think when you were doing this, that... Oh, I could have drawn that Jason.

Jason: Well, like I said it's like a cake.

Jimmy: That's pretty good. How did you do this?

Jason: I photoshopped.

Jimmy: That fast?

Jason: Yeah.

Jimmy: Oh dude, you're badass. Okay, I'm done with the joking, that was actually pretty good. Alright... I thought you were going to draw it on a piece of paper, and take a picture of it.

Jason: I just got a new cell phone yesterday, I still know how to use it.

Jimmy: Okay, yes. Cell phones are going to be huge, it's this new technology Jason, it's going to take off.

Jason: I'm learning, Jimmy.

Jimmy: I think one day, everybody's going to have a cell phone, that you know. Jason, were you in the future, or in the past, do you think people saw you?

Jason: I think, that if someone saw me, I would look like a shadow. Because the beings that come to me, they look like shadows.

Jimmy: Right! So, did you ever see anybody like... look at you, but look through you? Like they thought, that they saw something.

Jason: Never.

Jimmy: Oh, that's interesting. So, would you know, if you saw a time traveller today, that was visiting?

Jason: Only if I would leave my body.

Jimmy: What would you see? What would you see?

Jason: It would look like a shadow.

Jimmy: Right.

Jason: I mean, that my experiences are... you know a lot of people they call them shadow beings, and that's what it really looks like. It just looks like a person, but you can't make out any features, it's just dark.

Jimmy: Oh man, this is badass, What a thought!

Jason: And they come all the time, usually it's not friendly contact. So usually they'll try to - you know - pull you out of your body or freeze you, and throw a net over you, and try to take you somewhere.

Jimmy: And why is that?

Jason: I don't know, maybe they think it's an easy meal? Unfortunately, they don't know who they're messing with.

Jimmy: Right, right.

Jason: But... Sorry...

Jimmy: No, it's a very interesting concept! You've heard the caller's call into this show, right? By describing those types of experiences. And what you are suggesting, that there is a possibility, that they are not seeing a ghost, they're not seeing a relative. They're not seeing shadow people, but they're actually seeing a time traveller.

Jason: they're seeing an aspect of someone's consciousness, or a dimensional self, traveling through time and space, while somebody else is sleeping.

Jimmy: Are you okay with that?

Jason: Am I okay with that? No, not really.

Jimmy: Yeah, exactly.

Jason: That's why it's very important, to put up your boundaries. Well first of all, I would say most people are completely unconscious of this happening. But when you become consciousness, you have to make a decision, either to allow to be yourself in fear of these things, and let them continually attack you, which by the way I went through for like six years. Straight, of just being attacked by these things. You know, just like waking up, and they're on top of you in the bed, smothering you, and you can't breathe. Or trying to pull you, or push you out of your body which does not feel good. Does not feel good! And I had to deal with that, for many years, until I've developed the strength where if something like that comes at night, I could leave my body, and they'll be afraid of me, instead of me being afraid of them.

Jimmy: Now, this is what I have to ask you here. You're not a bad guy, you're a good guy. But if you are suggesting this now, to the audience, what if they were seeing a shadow person good guy, time traveller good guy, but because of this advice they're assuming that this is going to be a negative experience. What if somebody encountered you, and treated you negatively? Well I wouldn't be trying to manipulate somebody in that state. And like I said, the shadow... We talked about this the first episode I did with you. The original shadow, that awakened me, it took me out of my body. I was always in fear of it, and then after many years of thinking about it, I realized that this shadow was actually initiating me, into the dimensional worlds. so, it was actually opening a doorway for me, so the fear that I was feeling was actually my own fear. But many people will go into the astral world, and let's say they go travel somewhere, you take all your garbage with you in the astral world by the way. So, if you're carrying something inside of you, that may not be the best thing, you're going to attract beings to you, that like what you're carrying. So, when you come back to your body at night, you might have an extra passenger with you, that you don't want.

Jimmy: That's right.

Jason: So, a lot of people fear the actual world, and fear leaving their body, and that's because it is... I would consider it dangerous. There are things there that don't like you, I mean it's not all sunshine and rainbows over there. And that's why when I teach people, it's all about you need to strengthen yourself, you need to learn how to set your boundaries. So that... When these things come to you, you'll be prepared. And the most important thing, is your mind. Your mind is so important on that side, that you have to know that you're stronger than these beings. You can't think that you're stronger, you have to know that you're stronger. So that... If something comes and attacks you, if you know you're stronger than it, it can't hurt you.

Jimmy: We have to take a break right here, and Jason you're going to stay with us, you don't have a choice. We've got too much conversation going on here my friend. And I know you're tired, you just got off the plane, you just had the weekend of your life, you need to get some sleep, but you know what? All of that happens tomorrow, okay? Tonight, you're with us, the fadernauts. This is Fade to Black, our guest is Jason Quitt, we'll continue this conversation, it's just three minutes, stay with us!

Segment 5

Jimmy: All right, welcome back, Fade to Black on the Game Changer Network in KJCR, the planet! I'm your host Jimmy Church, great conversation tonight with our friend, Jason Quitt, and we're talking time travel right now. Jason, I want to stay right on this. I do want to mention I was listening to the river moon coffee commercial during the break, and this month everybody - if you haven't become a member in our membership area, you might want to do it now - because this month, we're giving away courtesy of River Moon coffee, a full coffee bar set up. You'll have a couple months’ supply of a Fade to Black blend. You're going to get all of the hardware that you need, to make a perfect cup of coffee, every single day. It's one of the coolest drawings we're going to do, like an ever! I'm such a coffee guy, and this weekend at Contact in the Desert, River Moon coffee... Jason, did you partake in the River moon coffee this weekend?

Jason: You know, I really wish I did.

Jimmy: Oh my... You know, it was the talk of contact. Everybody coming up, just going: I can't believe how good this coffee is Church, you talk about it all the time, you don't hype it enough! And I don't know how I could express any more my love for this coffee, but for everybody to finally to go over and experience it, and meet Juanita and Jeff, and go through their Nitro, and the elixir, and they had it in the bottle cold press, they had it hot. But just... It was just so funny, to step up to their booth, and see this line of people there waiting to experience it. It's just truly extraordinary.

Jason: Next time, I definitely will. I'm actually not a coffee drinker, because - like I said - it's hard to stay on my body.

Jimmy: Well, you know, this could help with a lot of different things. It is an elixir my friend. Okay, everybody, go to the membership area if you haven't become a member, and get in on this month's drawing for the River Moon coffee, coffee bar setup. Okay, I'm... Back in this shadow person discussion. This could answer a lot of questions for people. Is that okay, to make this suggestion that this maybe... it could relax a lot of people too as well.

Jason: I have found a picture, which I'm going to post on Twitter, and this picture absolutely blew my mind. And it's a picture from Egypt, I'm not entirely sure where in Egypt this is taken from, but it actually shows the shadow person, with the astral body, with a portal opening up, and they're going to travel at night together. Okay, they set that up good? Okay here we go, Fade to Black, got you there, and then this... Alright, I'm tweeting this picture, it's just a link, and when you click on that link, you're going to see.

Jimmy: Oh wow... What temple is this in?

Jason: I have no idea, I was looking... studying the different bodies that the Egyptians said we have, and what they're saying is that every single person has seven bodies. And one of the bodies, is a shadow.

Jimmy: I've got it, right here. I've got the whole thing. Okay, you know Jason, here I'll teach you something. If you right-click on an image, and then you say search Google, and then it will pop up, and then you click visit page, and it will take you right there. So, this is called the "shut". The shadow, is represented graphically as a small human figure, painted completely black or as a figure of death a servant of Anubis. Anubis. It's unclear what the function of the human shut was, but the shoot was a protective shadow, cast over other people. And like the body the shadow was not bound to the grave. And could go where the body could not. In the New Kingdom tombs, it was at times depicted as leaving it on, accompanied by the Ba-bird (bA), like you said. The shut is also partaking of the offerings, left by priests for the deceased. Wow!

Jason: You can keep this shadow alive, and they can call on it, take them places at night.

Jimmy: Right! Yeah, I'm looking at a ton of different depictions. This isn't the only one. I've got another one here that is really trippy. I'm going to save this, and I'm going to just call this shadow. I'm going to post this up too as well. This is this is pretty cool! Thank you for this, this is what I'm talking about.

Jason: So, what I saw this... I couldn't believe what I was looking at, because I was doing this in my real life. This is kind of what it looks like, when I travel. So, when I saw this I'm like, this is... they're depicting the outer body experience, with the astral body in the shadow.

Jimmy: Right, right, right, right.

Jason: This is very old information.

Jimmy: Very interesting. Okay, where did I save that? Oh man... It there I think I saved it here. Okay all right let's see here...

Jason: And they actually show you the portal. And that's exactly what the portal looks like. It's just this black hole, that appears in your wall, or in the middle of the room. And you go through it with this shadow.

Jimmy: Right, right, right, yeah. I just posted this other image that it's the set... Wow! Wow that's crazy! Kind of creepy too.

Jason: Oh yeah, the one you just posted it has a portal in it too.


Jimmy: Now yeah, it's right there, it's right there. And left foot forward. It's a left foot forward shadow. Wow, Jason... Incredible. Well what do you think about... I look at this, and I also think of Slenderman, right? And you know, obviously that's a modern, pop-culture thing that is surfaced on the internet, but the imaging is very similar too.

Jason: Well let me tell you a story. You read something, where it says the priests would feed this? Is extremely important okay it's called spirit feeding, all right? So, what they would do, is they have rituals, where they would offer these beings food, to give them strength. Because if you would feed them, they would become your ally, and you can call on them, to do things for you. But if you neglected one of these beings, and didn't feed them, they would get very hungry, and they would ruin your lives.

Jimmy: Now, do you think? Okay, let's go back to thought for a second. And when you were there, do you think you look like this? Or do you think you look like you?

Jason: I know I looked like me. It was like... Yeah, I did not look like a shadow, when I was with Thoth, it's almost like I was there in person, walking down the hallways.

Jimmy: Okay, do you think at other times you look like this?

Jason: I think I look like that, when I'm the observer. Like I'm taken out of my body, and I'm projected somewhere, and I'm just an observer. Because when you're an observer, you can't really see your body.

Jimmy: How so, if you look down at your hand, what would you see?

Jason: When I look down at my hand, it looks like... It just looks like an outline of a hand, it was dark, like a shadow and I can see like, light going through it.

Jimmy: So, what... Okay, let's stay right here. If you left, wearing jewellery, a watch, a bracelet, a ring, all three. And what are you wearing, when your shadow guy?

Jason: Nothing.

Jimmy: Interesting. So, the other part is... Are you naked? Are you a naked shadow person?

Jason: I wouldn't even call it naked, I would just say that you're like an energy form.

Jimmy: Right, right. I'm not... I'm not cracking jokes here. I'm being... Please understand what I'm saying...

Jason: I'm definitely not wearing clothes.

Jimmy: See, that's what I just said. You're naked. But yet, you don't realize your own body, so you're not concerned about things like that. Do you feel... do you feel the wind? Do you feel cold, warm?

Jason: No, not at all.

Jimmy: You don't feel anything, right?

Jason: No, I don't feel anything. The only thing that I would feel, is the traveling through the portals. That, I definitely feel.

Jimmy: How so, what do you feel?

Jason: It's more of a sound. I hear like this... it's like a white noise sound, very loud. As you travel, it feels like there's wind going across your ears, that's what it feels like.

Jimmy: Any pain?

Jason: No pain.

Jimmy: Dude, look at Fade to Black long ago, Jimmy's shadow is behind them. What? All right, this is Maureen St. Germain. Maureen you're freaking me out right now.

Jason: Maybe you're going to go on a journey tonight, and then you'll have a show on it tomorrow.

Jimmy: Yeah, we hang out with Maureen's husband, but... Oh should I even say that publicly? Saw Maureen's husband in Contact in the Desert, coolest dude on the planet Earth, right? He's cooler than you, Jason. That's how cool... He's cooler than John DeSouza! Dude is on ice, and I turned and I said: oh, where's Maureen? He's like: "She's not here". I was like, oh man... So, Maureen, we missed you this weekend, I'm glad you're hanging out in the sandbox, and your husband is a reasonable facsimile. Okay, we did it vicariously we hang out with you, but we missed you this weekend. And can't wait to see again. Maureen's the best! But when Maureen tweets out something like this, coming from Maureen, there's something going on. So, what are you saying? That's a bit... She literally said: dude, look at Fade to Black long ago, Jimmy's shadow is behind him. What does that mean, Maureen? Tripping me out, I'm going to trip out tonight. Jason, I want to also... for the audience, who may or may not fully understand, or grasp this concept of your time travel experience. You were summoned to each time, right? This was not in your control, you were removed, you were taken out into the atmosphere, right? Right outside, and positioned somewhere on Earth. You saw where you were going, where you were coming from, but none of this was in your control.

Jason: No, it was very forceful at first. Basically... And remember you asked me. On Friday night on Fade to Black you asked me: You know, Jason, it's just a dream, right? And I said, I wish it was a dream. Because in these experiences, I'll be sleeping, and dreaming. And then something will reach in your body and rip you out forcefully. So, it ends your dream, and you're like: okay, now I'm out of my body, and something's holding on to me, then you get shot up into this into outer space, and I could see the planet, and they would direct me to a point on the planet. It was mostly in the United States, and they would shoot me down to the place in the United States. And that's my first experiences with this type of time-travel. So, there's no control, I can't say no. It's just: okay, let's freak Jason out tonight, let's do this to him.

Jimmy: These were... Were the guides the same? Did you have the same guide each time?

Jason: For the ones, that took me into the space, and then back down to the earth, they look the same. It looked like a humanoid figure, probably about five feet tall, and it had that predator effect, where it's like you can make out their outline, but you can't see them. They almost look like invisible.

Jimmy: Oh, you know what? I'm going to correct everybody. I misread what Maureen said. She didn't say long ago, she said long logo. I thought I saw long ago. Which the long logo. Okay, Maureen or somebody post a long logo. I want to see, what this. Again, it's still interesting. Were you... Did they ever identify... In other words, you were in a first-name basis? Did you know, and did you become comfortable with your guide?

Jason: No, they never told me anything. I couldn't communicate with these beings at all.

Jimmy: Did you know what part of the timeline they were coming from?

Jason: No, and I didn't know what timeline I was going to. For me I thought that it was the future, because it just looked like the planet was destroyed. And obviously that hasn't happened yet. And then sometimes, when I would go on it, I would have this strange thought that would come into my mind, saying that this is happening right now. Maybe a parallel timeline to our Earth.

Jimmy: Or something that could happen in six months?

Jason: Right, but by the way this happened to me in 2003 time period. So, this was a long time ago, that those first experience has happened to me.

Jimmy: I wanted to ask you about that, from that first conversation we had. Because your vision, what you were shown, freaked me out. Freaked out the audience too. Well, freaked you out.

Jason: Oh yeah.

Jimmy: The look of everybody that you were interfacing back then, do you feel like, here you are, 15 years later. Is this the kind of timeline we are in? Because you had mentioned the look, and vehicle, and some other things that you had seen. Does it feel like it's now, you know the 2017-2020 time period? Or maybe it was reaching out a bit further.

Jason: No, it looked recent. Like it looked like it could be a very close future. And that's why it was so bothersome to me. Because you know, there was military tanks, police. But it looks like SWAT police, really like our military police everywhere. Mostly like black, you know, high-tech machine guns, definitely saw those.

Jimmy: Well, you also mentioned... and we're almost at the end of the show, so I'm going to cut you off a little bit, so we get some more information. You also mentioned, that... Prisons with children in them, right? Were the guards that were guarding this, did they feel like they were American, or were they foreign?

Jason: They looked American, they really did.

Jimmy: Which would indicate... Us, our military, our police, imprisoning children. Now were they imprisoning them, because they were protecting them? Or was there something else going on?

Jason: From what it looked like, it was probably just a roundup. I mean the environment was like, it looked like the environment was destroyed, and looked like the fire, that the sky was on fire, so to me it was almost like these were survivors, or the children that survived, whatever this was... But they didn't really survive too much longer.

Jimmy: These were children without parents?

Jason: Yes.

Jimmy: And was there a feeling that the all of the adults were killed? Not only the parents, but maybe just adults in general?

Jason: The only adults that I witnessed, were like the police or military.

Jimmy: Right. Frightening and interesting at the same time, right?

Jason: Yes.

Jimmy: Were the children happy?

Jason: No, not they weren't happy, but the strange thing is, they weren't in any prison clothes. They were wearing just normal everyday clothes.

Jimmy: But they were definitely behind fences, they were prisoners.

Jason: Oh yeah, it was a very high cement wall, it was an open-air facility, so you can see the sky. But it was like a wall, that enclosed everybody, it was pretty big.

Jimmy: Now... When you see something like that, do you think there's a way to prevent it? If it is you know, if this is our future. Because this is very similar - I can't even believe I'm going to mention this name - but I kind of have to. Which is John Titor, the real John Titor's description of a war between China, Russia and the United States, and of course United States gets bombed, and we go backwards a little bit, we don't need to get into that story, but certainly this would fit John Titor's description of our very near future, wouldn't it?

Jason: I guess it would, but I think he was saying, you know, the time period would be 2004?

Jimmy: Well yeah, my only question with that has always been the altering of the timeline, the prevention of certain things, and things are altered as we move along, just slightly. You know, a percent here, a percent there. And that maybe that timeline, and the actual events were just put off a little bit, there's a possibility that we would still see this in our future. Especially when you think about what's going down right now, with Russia, China in the United States, right? It's just like wow. It could be happening, just off by a few years. I would have said, I would have bet my bottom dollar, when I had first read the John Titor stuff, back in 2000, that this was never going to happen, ever! And here today, the unglued of the relationships that we have between these three superpowers, is pretty frightening.

Jason: And you know, we can actually see the world right now, going in that direction. Very scary, because you know, the future could be a push-button war. You know, there doesn't have to be troops on the ground, they can just push a button.

Jimmy: Yes, yes. Yeah, we don't have... I said this a couple of weeks ago - I said a couple of years ago too -, which is: that's one thing to think about nuclear, right? To think about that kind of stuff, but going into the dark ages is really simple, if you cut off the electricity, and cut off the internet. You do that, and we will be, we all... Man, we will be hunter-gatherers in two weeks. I mean, it would be a really, really bad place to be.

Jason: Very bad place.

Jimmy: Jason, I want to thank you so much my friend. I'm glad that you got back to Canada safely of course, and what a great weekend you had! And there's a very bright future out there for you, young man, and I was just very happy to just kick back, and watch it all unfold this weekend for you. And I'm sure you just had a great time, but now go and get your rest. Thank you so much!

Jason: Thank you very much Jimmy and Rita!

Jimmy: You got it, Jason Quitt, everybody! Thank you so much Jason, goodnight my brother!

Jason: Goodnight.

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