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Welcome to UniWiki!

The Unity Wiki is designed to empower humanity by creating a space where all knowledge is respected and all human experience is upheld. We are just getting started.

We invite you to participate in a new kind of knowledge creation–one that starts with you.

Thank you!

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The Unity Project

The Unity Project's goal is to empower the individuals, organizations and campaigns who seek positive change. At the moment, this community is loosely defined by separate names, such as: paranormal, ufology, consciousness, wellness, alternative, healing, environmentalism, sustainability, holistic, magick, and spirituality. We believe that we all share some fundamental beliefs and goals.

Our current work:

  1. brings together this community to define our common beliefs and goals
  2. identifies the issues facing this community, and proposes solutions to those problems,
  3. gathers the research and knowledge of this community in one place, and
  4. presents our community as a cooperative movement, rather than as competing individuals.

All other successful movements and campaigns around the world take advantage of these features to create a synergistic strength and effectiveness in their work, yet this community has not yet organized in such a way to create lasting change.

The Unity Project sets itself apart by resting upon a core ethical foundation and methodology:

  • our practices and guidelines are open-source;
  • we enhance and uphold individual privacy and sovereignty;
  • we seek only to bring about positive change in the world through collaboration and cooperation.

Our Projects

– Create a reputable platform for disseminating alternative news –

  1. Aggregate articles and other media from reputable sources
  2. Create original content
  3. Focus on knowledge rather than entertainment
  4. Develop an open-sourced methodology for determining the validity of the content and source
  • Support Citizen Journalists
    • Provide educational resources for the community to develop critical thinking, second-order thinking, and investigative skills
  • Support Professional Journalists
    • Provide access to reputable research in the community (UniWiki)
      • Design and develop a system for judging the trustworthiness of research from the ground-up (a scientific process that aligns with the values of the community)
  • Provide a reward/compensation system that aligns with the values of the community

– Build a database and repository for research and knowledge (UniWiki) –

  1. Empower the community
  2. Redefine the terms and concepts used in our community
  3. Provide a credible platform for journalists and investigators to source material
  4. Further research in the field by bringing as much as possible into one place and providing tools for searching and organizing
  • Open-source investigative methodology and practice
  • Wiki-based access and editorial practices

– Provide a digital space for leadership in the community to organize –

  1. Develop a directory of leaders in the community
  2. Host intentional focus groups to achieve real progress
  3. Create a living document outlining the beliefs, goals, and values of the community
  4. Motivate leadership to participate constructively in the community
  5. Create and launch focused projects, campaigns, and initiatives
  6. Host digital and real-world events and campaigns
  • With the input of the community, design and create an ethical, functional gateway by which leaders can be identified and upheld
    • Open-source technology and practices
    • Widely survey the community to develop a baseline criteria for leaders
  • With the input of the community, design and create an ethical, functional constitution by which we can resolve disputes and create progress within our community while upholding our values