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What kind of Page to create?

I would like to contribute this page as a collection of subjects, researchers, books etc. to provide ideas about the subject matter to create for those who would like to help, but not sure how.
Please feel free to extend the list, or start creating :)


Acoustic Levitation
Age of Aquarius
Agenda 21
AI: Artificial Intelligence
Akashic Records
Alternative Energy
Area 51
Ark of the Covenant
Astral Projection
Awareness Life Expo
Battle of Los Angeles
Bermuda Triangle
Big Bang
Black Eyed Children
Black Hole
Blue Beam
Boys Town Organization
Cattle Mutilations
CERO: Close Encounters Resource Organization
CFR: Council on Foreign Relations
CIA: Central Intelligence Agency
Cicada 3301
CITD: Contact in the Desert
Citizen Hearing on Disclosure
Conscious Life Expo
Council of Light
Crop Circles
Crystal Skulls
CUP: Cleveland Ufology Project
Dark Alliance
Dark Fleet
DARPA: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
DEA: Drug Enforcement Administration
Deep State
Department of Defense
DEQ: Department of Environmental Quality
DIA: Defense Intelligence Agency
Disclosure Fest
DMT: Dimethyltryptamine
Easter Island
ECETI: Enlightened Contact with ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence
Economic Hit Man
Elongated Skulls
EMP: Electromagnetic Pulse
Environmental Voices
EPA: United States Environmental Protection Agency
ESP: Extra-Sensory Perception
FAA: Federal Aviation Administration
False Flags
FBI: Federal Bureau of Investigation
FDA: Food and Drug Administration
FEMA: Federal Emergency Management Agency
Flat Earth Theory
Ghost Hunter Apps
GMO: Genetically Modified Organism
Gobekli Tepe
HAARP: High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program
Harmonic Convergence
ICIS: Institute for Cooperation in Space
Illuminati Card Game
IMF: International Monetary Fund
INSCOM: Army Intelligence and Security Command
International UFO Congress
ISP: International Space Station
IUR: International UFO Reporter
Jack the Ripper
Kennedy Space Center
Kinetic Energy
Knights Templar
Kuiper Belt
Law of Attraction
Mainstream Media
Mariana Trench
Masonic lodges
Mayan Calendar
Men in Black
MILABS: Military Abductions
Military Industrial Complex
Mind Control
Missing 411
Montauk Project
MOSSAD Intelligence Agency
Mount Adams
MUFON: Mutual UFO Network
Nano Technology
NASA: National Aeronautics and Space Administration
National UFO Reporting Center
Nazca Lines
Nazca Mummy
Near-Death Experience
New World Order
Oman House
Open Source
Operation Mockingbird
Operation Paperclip
OPUS: Organization for Paranormal Understanding and Support
Orion Correlation Theory
Out-of-Body Experience
Paradigm Research Group
Parallel Universe
Phoenix Lights
Piercing the Veil of Reality
Planet Nine
Planet X
Pokemon Go
Population Control
Progressive Press
Project Blue Book
Project Camelot
Project Pegasus
Project Preserve Destiny
Project Serpo
Quantum Computing
Quantum Physics
Remote Viewing
Rendlesham Forest Incident
Renewable Energy
Rosetta Stone
Sacred Geometry
SAG: Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering
Sandy Hook
Sanitas Radio
Secret Society
Silicon Valley
Simulated Reality
Skull and Bones
Smithsonian Institution
Solar Eclipse
Solar Storm
Sphere Being Alliance
SSP: Secret Space Program
Star Knowledge Conference
Swine Flu
Tavistock Institute
Tengri 137
The Bilderberg Group
The Cometa Report
The Farsight Institute
The Franklin Scandal
The Immortals Project
The Mandela Effect
The Stephenville Lights
The Varginha Incident
The Venus Project
Third Eye
Trilateral Commission
Troika Group
ULO: Unidentified Lunar Objects
UPARS: UFO & Paranormal Research Society
Vox Populi
Weather Manipulation
Zuni Prophesies


A.D. After Disclosure: When the Government Finally Reveals the Truth About Alien Contact
Afterlife: What Really Happens on the Other Side
Aleister & Adolf
Alien Hunter
Aliens Among Us: Exploring Past and Present
Ancient Aliens & Secret Societies
Angel Heart Sigils
Angels And The Keys To Paradise
Anunnaki Awakening: Revelation
Area 51: An Uncensored History of America's Top Secret Military Base
At Peace in the Light
Atlantis in the Caribbean
Awakening: How ET Contact Can Transform Your Life
Battle for Skeptron: The First Uncovering
Becoming Gods
Beneath the Pyramids
Beyond Esoteric: The Ultimate Journey
Beyond the Bermuda Triangle: True Encounters with Electronic Fog, Missing Aircraft, and Time Warps
Book of Enoch
Born on the Edge of Ground Zero: Living in the Shadow of Area 51
Brave New World
Charlie Red Star
Chicken Soup for the Soul: Dreams and the Unexplainable
Chosen: Chronicles of an Alien Abductee
Clear Hearers
Cleopatra to Christ
Coercion: Why We Listen To What They Say
Connect The Dots Theory
Conscious Musings
Consciousness and Quantum Healing
Cover‑Up at Roswell
Crash at Corona: The Definitive Study of the Roswell Incident
Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA
Decoding Maori Cosmology
Discover Your Inner Goddess Queen
Dream Oracle Cards
Dreaming Heaven: The Journeybook
Eden in Egypt: Adam and Eve Were Pharaoh Akhenaton and Queen Nefertiti
Egyptian Postures of Power: Salute to the Sun
Encounters with Star People
Esoteric Hollywood: Sex, Cults and Symbols in Film
Everything You Need to Know But Have Never Been Told
Exopolitics: The Political Implications of the Extraterrestrial Presence
Exposing U. S. Government Policies on Extraterrestrial Life
Exposing U.S. Government Policies on Extraterrestrial Life: The Challenge of Exopolitics
Fifty Shades of Greys: Evidence of Extraterrestrial Visitation to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and Beyond
Flying Saucers and Science
Flying Saucers are Real
Flying Saucers from Outer Space
Flying Saucers from Outer Space
Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race
Forbidden Knowledge
Forgotten Civilization: The Role of Solar Outbursts in Our Past and Future
Forgotten Civilization: The Role of Solar Outbursts in Our Past and Future
From the Ashes of Angels
Future Esoteric: The Unseen Realms
Galactic Diplomacy: Getting to Yes with ET
Gobekli Tepe: Genesis of the Gods
Goddess Queen Pearls of Wisdom Journal
Haunting & History of the Battle of Gettysburg
Hidden Agenda: NASA and the Secret Space Program
Hidden History: Lost Civilizations, Secret Knowledge, and Ancient Mysteries
Hidden Meanings: A Study of the Founding Symbols of Civilization
I Had the Strangest Dream
Inside the Real Area 51: The Secret History of Wright Patterson
Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs & Extraterrestrial Alliances
It's All in Your Dreams
Jesus: Last of the Pharaohs
Kennedy's Last Stand: Eisenhower, UFOs, MJ-12 & JFK's Assassination
Light Quest
Magic, Mysticism and the Molecule: Altered States and the Search for Sentient Intelligence from Other Worlds
Memoirs of a Monster Hunter
Mind Dynamics in Space and Time
Missing 411: A Sobering Coincidence
Missing 411: The Devil's in the Details
Modern Esoteric: Beyond Our Senses
Monsterland: Encounters with UFOs, Bigfoot and Orange Orbs
Operation Paperclip: The Secret Intelligence Program That Brought Nazi Scientists to America
Phantoms & Monsters: Cryptid Encounters
Phenomena: The Secret History of the U.S. Government's Investigations into Extrasensory Perception and Psychokinesis
Reunion with Source
Reynolds Mansion: An Invitation to the Past: The History and Strange Happenings at a Southern Antebellum Home
Sacred Symbols of the Dogon
Saved by the Light
Secret Journey to Planet Serpo: A True Story of Interplanetary Travel
Secrets of Ancient America: Archaeoastronomy and the Legacy of the Phoenicians, Celts, and Other Forgotten Explorers
Secrets of the Light: Lessons from Heaven
Sekret Machines: Gods: Volume 1 of Gods Man & War
Sherlock Holmes And The Autumn Of Terror
Sinister Forces
Soulo Journey: Life From the Soul's Perspective
Spirits Speak of Conspiracies and Mysteries
Stairway to Heaven
Stranded on Earth: The Story of a Roswell Crash Survivor
Stranded on Earth: The Story of a Roswell Crash Survivor
Stranger at the Pentagon
Tantric Temples
The 37th Parallel
The Accidental Billionaires
The Afterlife Revolution
The Alchemy of Voice
The Angel and Sorcerer
The Angels of Atlantis
The Apocalypse of Lloyd
The Art of Close Encounters
The Biggest Secret
The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch
The Choice
The Coming Global Superstorm
The Coming World Government: Tragedy and Hope?
The Cosmological Origins of Myth and Symbol
The Cygnus Mystery
The Dark Lord
The Earth Chronicles Handbook
The End of Suffering
The Flying Saucers Are Real
The Franklin Scandal: A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse & Betrayal
The Genesis 6 Conspiracy: How Secret Societies and the Descendants of Giants Plan to Enslave Humankind
The Geographic Mysteries of Sir Francis Bacon
The Ghost Rockets: Mystery Missiles and Phantom Projectiles in Our Skies
The Giza Template: The Leo, Orion Relationship
The Grail Cypher
The Grays
The Great River Disclosure
The Great River Disclosure
The Great Year Adventures with Tommy the Time Traveling Turtle
The Heart's Note
The Hitler Legacy
The Hunger
The Keepers: An Alien Message for the Human Race
The King Jesus Trilogy
The Love, Sex, and Relationship Dream Dictionary
The Lovecraft Code
The Mystery of Skara Brae
The New Human: Awakening to Our Cosmic Heritage
The New Sirian Revelations: Galactic Prophecies for the Ascending Human Collective
The Overself Awakening
The Path of the Priestess: A Guidebook for Awakening the Divine Feminine
The Pentagon's Brain: An Uncensored History of DARPA
The Power to Be You: Posidigms for Daily Life
The Presidents and UFOs: A Secret History from FDR to Obama
The Science of the Dogon
The Secret Life of Lady Liberty: Goddess in the New World
The Sixteen
The Source Field Investigations
The Super Natural: A New Vision of the Unexplained
The Synchronicity Key
The Tantric Alchemist
The Trench
The Trillion-Dollar Conspiracy: How the New World Order, Man-Made Diseases, and Zombie Banks Are Destroying America
The True Story of the Bilderberg Group
The Truth about the UFO Crash at Roswell
The UFO Singularity
The Ultimate Soul Journey
The Unholy Alliance
The Wishing Machine Workbook
The Wolfen
The Wraith of Skrellman
The Yosef Codes: Sacred Geometry Mandalas
Thoth: Architect of the Universe
Tuning the Diamonds: Electromagnetism and Spiritual Evolution
Tutankhamun: The Exodus Conspiracy
UFO Crash at Roswell
UFO Highway
UFOs and the National Security State
Use the Force: A Jedi's Guide to the Law of Attraction
Waking Up in 5D: A Practical Guide to Multidimensional Transformation
Wars of the Anunnaki: Nuclear Self-Destruction in Ancient Sumer
Where Did the Towers Go?
Where Did the Towers Go? Evidence of Directed Free-energy Technology on 9/11
Who Authored the John Titor Legend
Witness to Roswell: Revised and Expanded Edition
Zeti Child, Lost Upon a One Star World
Zeti Child, Lost Upon a One Star World

Movies / Shows / Media

2001: A Space Odyssey
2012: The Odyssey
A Clockwork Orange
America Unearthed
American Ghost Hunter
Ancient Aliens
Angels of Atlantis Soul Calls
Brad Meltzer's Decoded
Coast to Coast AM
Contact Has Begun
Cosmic Disclosure
Darkness Radio
Destination Truth
Divine Frequency
Expedition Unknown
Extreme Prejudice
Eyes Wide Shut
Faces of Evil
Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files
Fade 2 Black
Fire in the Sky
Gaia Inspirations
Gaia TV
Game Changer Network
Ghost Hunters Live
Gods Among Us: The Science of Contact
History Channel
Hollywood Decoded
I Know What I Saw
Infinity: The Ultimate Trip
Infinity: The Ultimate Trip - Journey Beyond Death
Kubrick's Odyssey: Secrets Hidden in the Films of Stanley Kubrick
Legend Hunters
Magical Egypt
Modern Masters
Mona Lisa's Little Secret
Monsters and Mysteries in America
Mysteries at the National Parks
Mysteries at the National Parks
National Geographic
No More Fake News
Paranormal Paparazzi
Paranormal Witness
Phenomenon Radio
Pyramid One Radio
Richard Dolan Press
Sir NoFace
Sky Lines
Sons of Anarchy
Surviving the Matrix
Syfy Channel
The Awakened Soul: The Lost Science of Ascension
The Aware Show
The Dark Knight Rises
The Day After Tomorrow
The Effed Files
The Judgment Day Device
The Knowledge Of The Forever Time
The Knowledge of the Forever Time
The Last Avatar
The Lunduke Show
The Matrix
The Merchants of Cool: Frontline
The Resonance
The Shining
The Walt Disney Company
Timewave 2013
Truth Hunters
Truth Seeker Magazine
UFO Files
UFO Hunters
UFOs for the 21st Century Mind: A Fresh Guide to an Ancient Mystery
UFO's Over Earth
UFOs, Aliens, and the Question of Contact
Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe


A. Ralph Epperson
A.C. Griffith
A.J. Gevaerd
Adam Ambrose
Adrian Salbuchi
Adrien Vallera
Alan B. Jones
Alan Butler
Alara Blackwell
Alba Weinman
Albert Einstein
Aldous Huxley
Aleister Crowley
Alex Jones
Alex Mistretta
Alex Putney
Alexis Brooks
Alfred Lambremont Webre
Allan Sturm
Ambassidor EHANi
Amelia Aeon Karris
Anaiis Salles
Ananda Bosman
Andrew Basiago
Andrew Collins
Andrew Gause
Andrew Johnson
Aneel Pandey
Angelia Joiner
Annie Jacobsen
Anthony Cummins
Anthony F. Sanchez
Anthony Hamilton
Anthony Jones
Anthony Patch
Anthony Peake
Antonio Huneeus
Barbara Hand Clow
Barrie Trower
Barry Eaton
Barry King
Barry Littleton
Barry Strohm
Bart Sibrel
Ben Mezrich
Ben Moffet
Benjamin Cavallari
Bernard Thouanel
Bernhard Guenther
Beth Leone
Bill Ryan
Billy Meier
Bob Hieronimus
Bob Lazar
Bob Mitchell
Brad Olsen
Brad Schreiber
Brad Steiger
Bradley Lockerman
Bradley Manning
Bret Lueder
Brian David Andersen
Brian Haughton
Brian Swimme
Brien Foerster
Brigitta Thomachio
Bruce Gernon
Bruce L. Ctibor
Bryan Lunduke
Bryce Zabel
Byron Lacy
Cara St. Louis
Carl Jung
Carl Lehrberger
Carl Lehrburger
Carl Sagan
Carlos Castaneda
Caroline Cory
Casper Parks
Catherine Austin Fitts
Cathy O'Brien
Celeste Yarnall
Chad Calek
Chad Meek
Chance Gardner
Charlotte Iserbyt
Che Guevara
Chris Bledsoe
Chris McCleary
Chris Medina
Christopher Dunn
Christopher Knight
Christopher Nolan
Christopher O'Brien
Christopher Vasey
Chuck Zukowski
Clark McClelland
Clif High
Clifford Mahooty
Clifford Stone
Clyde Lewis
Colin Andrews
Corey Goode
Cort Lindahl
Crystal Clark
Cyd Rice
Cyril Wecht
Dale Harder
Damon T. Berry
Dan Sherman
Dan Willis
Dane Wigington
Daniel Estulin
Daniel Sheehan
Dannion Brinkley
Darcy Weir
Dave Fravor
Dave Schrader
David Adair
David Allen Rivera
David Brin
David Hatcher Childress
David Icke
David Livingstone
David McCready
David Morgan
David Oman
David Paulides
David Sereda
David Weatherly
David Weiss
David Wilcock
Dean Henderson
Del Bigtree
Dennis Kucinich
Derrel Sims
Dick Allgire
Dolores Cannon
Don Schmitt
Donald Keyhoe
Donald Keyhoe
Donald Trump
Dr. Angela T. Smith
Dr. Angela Thompson Smith
Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke
Dr. Brian O'Leary
Dr. Brooks Agnew
Dr. Bruce Goldberg
Dr. Bruce Maccabee
Dr. C.B. Scott Jones
Dr. Carl Johan Calleman
Dr. Carmen Boulter
Dr. Carol Rosin
Dr. Ceile Revauger
Dr. Chris H. Hardy
Dr. Claude Swanson
Dr. Courtney Brown
Dr. David Jacobs
Dr. David Weintraub
Dr. Desiree Hurtak
Dr. Desiree Hurtak
Dr. Diane Hennacy Powell
Dr. Douglas Rushkoff
Dr. Edgar Mithcell
Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher
Dr. Frank E. Stranges
Dr. Frank Olson
Dr. Fred Bell
Dr. Gibbs A. Williams
Dr. J.J. Hurtak
Dr. JJ Hurtak
Dr. John Coleman
Dr. John Hall
Dr. Joseph Farrell
Dr. Judy Wood
Dr. Karen Hudes
Dr. Kirby Surprise
Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz
Dr. Linda Salvin
Dr. Louis Turi
Dr. Lynne Kitei
Dr. M. J. Evans
Dr. Manjir Samanta-Laughton
Dr. Mary Sherman
Dr. Michael Baden
Dr. Michael Salla
Dr. Milton Torres
Dr. Morgan Reynolds
Dr. Nick Begich
Dr. Patrick Flanagan
Dr. Paul LaViolette
Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle
Dr. Rauni Leena Luukanen-Kilde
Dr. Richard Alan Miller
Dr. Richard Davis
Dr. Richard Sauder
Dr. Rita Louise
Dr. Robert Davis
Dr. Robert Schoch
Dr. Scott McQuate
Dr. Semir Osmanagicyh
Dr. Steven Greer
Dr. Susan B. Martinez
Dr. Wayne Carr
Dr. Werner von Braun
Eddie Bravo
Edgar Cayce
Edward Nightingale
Edward Snowden
Edward T. Haslam
Elana Freeland
Elizabeth Rauscher
Eric Dubay
Eric Larsen
Eric Mitchell
Eric Raines
Erich von Daniken
F. William Engdahl
Fernando Morris
Fernando Vossa
Frank Joseph Hoff
Frater X
G. Edward Griffin
Gail Thackray
Garnet Schulhauser
Gary Jansen
Gary McKinnon
Gary Wayne
Gavin Kelly
Geoffrey Gilson
Geoffrey Torres
George Adamski
George Green
George Kavassilas
George LoBuono
George Noory
George Orwell
George Ure
George Van Tassel
George Webb
Georgia Lambert
Geraldo Rivera
Giorgio Tsoukalos
Glen Yeadon
Gordon Keirle-Smith
Gordon White
Graham Hancock
Grant Cameron
Greg Caton
Gregg Braden
Gregg Housh
Gregory Sams
Grey Aliens
H.P. Albarelli
Henry Lee
Hermann Oberth
Hillary Raimo
Hollis Polk
Holly M. Cook
Hugh Newman
Ian R. Crane
Inelia Benz
Jack Cary
Jacque Fresco
Jacques Vallee
Jaime Maussan
James Casbolt
James Fox
James Gilliland
James Horak
James Rink
James Traficant
James Woolsey
Jamie DeWolf
Jan Harzan
Janet Wolter
Jason Martell
Jason Quitt
Jason Verbelli
Jay Dyer
Jay Weidner
Jeanice Barcelo
Jef Harvey
Jeff Harman
Jeffe Rense
Jeffrey Grupp
Jeffrey Kripal
Jeffrey Prather
Jeran Campanella
Jeremy Corbell
Jerry Wills
JFK: John F. Kennedy
Jim Humble
Jim Marrs
Jim Nichols
Jim Sparks
Jim Willis
Jimmy Church
Jo Ann Richards
Joe Nickell
Johann Hari
John Anthony West
John Burroughs
John DeSouza
John Herlosky
John Hogue
John Keel
John L. Petersen
John Lamb Lash
John Lear
John LeBoutillier
John Lennon
John Lund
John Major Jenkins
John Mennella
John Paul Leonard
John Perkins
John Searl
John Titor
John Urwin
Jon Rappoport
Jonathan Young
Jordan Hofer
Jordan Maxwell
Jose Arguellas
Jose Arguelles
Jose Escamilla
Jose Padilla
Joseph Atwill
Joseph Plummer
Josh Gates
Joshua P. Warren
Joshua Shapiro
Judyth Vary Baker
Justin Deschamps
Karen Ann MacDonald
Karen Dahlman
Karen Silkwood
Kathleen Marden
Kathy Wills
Kelley Jankowski
Kelly Sullivan Walden
Ken Knudsen
Kenneth Price, Jr
Kennewick Man
Kerry Cassidy
Kevin Annett
Kevin Randle
Kevin Smith
Kim Carlsberg
Korinne Wilson
Kosta Makreas
Kristine Carlson
L. Ron Hubbard
L.A. Marzulli
Lachezar Georgiev Filipov
Laird Scranton
Lamont Wood
Larry Flaxman
Larry Haber
Larry Holcolmbe
Larry Holcombe
Laura Cortner
Laura Eisenhower
Laurie McDonald
Lawrence R. Spencer
Lee Harvey Oswald
Lee Speigel
Len Kasten
Leonardo Wild
Les Vales
Leslie Kean
Linda Moulton Howe
Lisa Garr
Lisa Renee
Lisette Larkins
Lon Strickler
Lorcan O'Toole
Lou Baldin
Louis Proud
Lucy Wyatt
Luis Elizondo
Luke Bedwell
Lyn Buchanan
Mac Tonnies
Mack Maloney
Gandhi Mahatma Gandhi
Major Ed Dames
Manu Intiraymi
Manuel Rosa
Marc D'Antonio
Marc Stevens
Margo Mateas
Mark Devlin
Mark Dice
Mark McCandlish
Mark McClish
Mark Passio
Mark Richards
Mark Walsh
Marla Martenson
Marshall Klarfeld
Marshall Summers
Martin Gray
Marty Leeds
Mary Gabrielle
Mary Magdalene: Princess of Orange
Mary Rodwell
Matthew Brownstein
Matthew Stein
Maureen St. Germain
Max Igan
Max Spiers
Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror
Mel Fabregas
Melanie Young
Melinda Leslie
Men Zebah Hasati
Micah Hanks
Michael Coe
Michael Cremo
Michael Horn
Michael Lee Hill
Michael Levine
Michael Mazzola
Michael Murphy
Michael Oeming
Michael S. King
Michael Schratt
Michael Tellinger
Michael Tsarion
Micheila Sheldan
Mike Bara
Mike Clelland
Mike King
Mike Sauve
Miriam Delicado
Nassim Haramein
Nehez Meniooh
Neil Armstrong
Neil Freer
Neil Kramer
Neil Sanders
Niara Terela Isley
Nick Bryant
Nick Pope
Nick Redfern
Nicola Tesla
Nigel Kerner
Nora Gedgaudas
Norio Hayakawa
Olav Phillips
Ole Dammegard
Pablo Neruda
Pane Andov
Paola Harris
Patricia Cori
Patrick Shank
Patrick Wood
Patti Conklin
Pattie L. Brassard
Patty Greer
Paul Andrews
Paul Hellyer
Paul Levy
Paul Smith
Paul Stonehill
Paula Purcell
Peter Cameron
Peter Christ
Peter Davenport
Peter Joseph
Peter Levenda
Peter Schiff
Peter Tagtgren
Phil Kava
Phil Proctor
Phil Schneider
Philip Coppens
Philip F.Cheuk
Philip K. Dick
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
Preston Dennett
Priscilla Vogelbacher
Prof. Jeffrey Kripal
R.J. von-Bruening
Race Hobbs
Ralph Ellis
Randall Carlson
Randy Cramer
Randy Williams
Ray A. Davis
Ray Shank
Raymond Szymanski
Rebekah Roth
Regina Meredith
Reme Baca
Renato Longato
Reuben Langdon
Richard C. Hoagland
Richard Cassaro
Richard Cottrell
Richard Dolan
Richard Stratton
Rick Mora
Ricky Sorrells
Rico Paganini
Ridley Scott
Rizwan Virk
Rob MacGregor
Rob Potter
Robert Bauval
Robert Clotworthy
Robert D. Gennari
Robert David Steele
Robert Emenegger
Robert Felix
Robert Friedman
Robert Kane Pappas
Robert Kennedy
Robert M. Collins
Robert Morning Sky
Robert Morningstar
Robert O. Dean
Robert Stanley
Robert Stinnett
Robert W. Sullivan
Robert Young Pelton
Robin Maxwell
Roland Emmerich
Ronnie McMullen
Ronny Le Blanc
Rosa Koire
Roxanne Meadows
Roy Horne
Royce Christyn
Ruben Uriarte
Russ Emanuel
Russell Targ
Russell Texas Bentley
Salvador Allende
Salvador Dali
Sandra Champlain
Sanni Ceto
Santos Bonacci
Scott Crain
Scott Creighton
Scott Scotty Alan Roberts
Scott Stevens
Scott Wolter
Sean David Morton
Sean Stone
Sebastien Martin
Sha Blackburn
Shane Seymore
Sharron Rose
Sherri Kane
Sherry Steiger
Sherry Wilde
Shirley Andrews
Simon Conway
Sofia Smallstorm
Sonia Barrett
Sophia Stewart
Stan Deyo
Stan Romanek
Stanley Kubrick
Stanton Friedman
Stephen Bassett
Stephen Mehler
Stephen Paddock
Stephen Zarlenga
Steve Alten
Steve Justice
Steve Murillo
Steve Richards
Steven Halpern
Steven Huff
Stewart Pearce
Stewart Swerdlow
Susan Joy Rennison
Susan Lindauer
Teresa Yanaros
Terrence McKenna
Thomas Berry
Thomas Campbell
Thomas Castello
Thomas Goodrich
Thomas P. Fusco
Thoth, Architect of the Universe
Tim Gunn
Timothy Good
Timothy Wyllie
Tom Danheiser
Tom DeLonge
Tom Edison
Tony Ortega
Tricia Eastman
Trisha Eastman
Ty Bollinger
Walt Willis
Walter Cruttenden
Wayne Herschel
Whitley Strieber
William Dean A. Garner
William Henry
William Henry
Wolfgang Halbig
Xaviant Haze
Yousef Hakim Awyan
Yvonne Smith
Zecharia Sitchin

Renewable Resources

Wind Power
Geothermal Energy
Solar Energy