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Thought I would share an email I sent Jimmy Church when Fade to Black was fairly new about an experience I had that can only be described, at least in my mind, as a time portal or time shift.

It happened in 2002 when Dave and I rode via motorcycle from the East Coast to Wyoming with Yellowstone as our destination. We made other stops along the way out and back. One of those stops on the way out was Ft. Laramie National Park, WY. We'd stayed in Cheyenne the night before, ate breakfast and rode north to the park so it was near 11AM to Noon on arrival. It was a hot (over 90), sunny, cloudless day in the last days of June. We entered the area of buildings and headed to the right. In and out of some of the houses, reading plaques etc., we may have been there an hour. The point being made, was the time of day; Noon - 1PM. At the far right where the walkway makes a loop and heads back, is a creek not far from the walkway. In fact, there was a plaque I saw later but not at the time, describing how they would cut ice from it in the winter to put in root cellars. When I first approached the place where I could see the creek and beyond, something happened.......

Across the creek, on the bank of the other side, were wagons, lots of them, as far back under the trees as I could see. There were many people - men, women, children in period attire going about their business. There were campfires and it appeared to be suppertime as I could see some cooking, it was dusk and I was chilly, almost cold. My first thought was that they had re-enactors or something there. I turned to say something to Dave but I couldn't see him anywhere and he had only been 10 feet away seconds before. About that time I realized, it was dusk!.... at noon? and cold!.... at over 90 degrees? So, I turned back to look again across the creek and they just faded away within a second, along with the cold and growing dark of night. Once again, it was hot and sunny and this time when I turned, Dave was right where I believed he was. This all took place within seconds. (Maybe 20-30, I think, but who knows?) I was beside myself with amazement. Chill bumps were still on my body. Was it from the cold I felt, or the event? I can't say. I told Dave what happened and he was without an explanation and said he didn't see it, but that he'd never moved.

Now, some might say it was the place and I assumed to see something that would be there, like re-enactors. I must say two things to the subject. First, I researched places to go and see before we left on the trip. I know nothing like that was listed as a part the park, just the monument of the old Fort Laramie, some houses and the troop sleeping quarters and such were there. Second thing is, although I do have a little European blood, I have Native American blood on both my mother's and father's side. Some of my American Indian heritage is Lakota (Sioux) and Cheyenne, and both tribes once traded there. So, if I saw something I would "expect" to see, I would think it would not have been white settlers, but my own ancestors.

I have often thought of this day and I will never forget it. It truly was amazing. I have no proof, just an honest recounting of what I experienced.

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Portal Types


Natural portals would be like the Nasa article describes (below). They're totally random and can be explained with basic science.

How do fairy or ancient portals fit in here?











Dimensional portals can be natural or made but are completely theoretical.

Eistein/Rosen bridge (wormhole)




Ken Rohla's talk in 2011 at time frame 15-22 minutes - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_yxTotA604M&list=PLfmhDzHUsgl6PD1vliit6dwobU9MyCm0T



Made portals combine the first two (natural/Dimensional) and are intelligently controlled/created.

One common method of initiating usable portals involves the ritual use of psychedelic substances.


[| Psychology of the Future]


Theoretical portals are those that have not been observed, but emerge from current mathematical or physical theories.

Higgs Portal



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