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I have been a truth-seeker as long as I can remember. Because of social fears, and later because of what I thought I knew, I didn't earnestly begin looking at UFO literature until this year. In terms of education, I withdrew from college as a sophomore physics major. Many times in the years since, I have wished I had gotten a degree in mechanical engineering. I have made my living as a manual laborer. I am currently interested in the hypothesis that there are friendly entities who are sharing information with humanity, and that they are disappointed that the information is not being made more generally available. It is my hope that this wiki becomes a suitable place to plan and execute a positive transformation for my online community, my local community, my children, and myself.

My Interests and Ideas

in no particular order

Ancient History

Enlightenment, Renaissance, Science, & Church

Shamanism, Mysticism, NDE's, & Hallucinogens

 There are important truths which material science has yet to develop methods for.  Enter the weird!  It is my belief that social suppression of various kinds has harmed common understanding in ways that are disproportionate to the purposes being served.  The answer: share your own experiences and support research efforts.

Alien Encounters, Investigations, Channeling

Evolution & Biology

 I take it as plainly evident that living bodies are subject to evolutionary pressures by both natural and intelligent selection.  The existence of contemporary forms bears witness to remote historical circumstances. Given the state of DNA sequencing, these are exciting times for new insights.


 At present, the primary hypothetical panspermia vehicle that I hear about involves a rare type of large meteor collision.  My personal conjecture is that dessicated dust particles containing ecosystem samples, heated by solar radiation might rise buoyantly on the atmosphere high enough to escape through the combined action of tidal forces and solar wind. It would take more training and discipline than I possess to adequately evaluate all that, but if true, the effect could be orders of magnitude more common than people imagine.[1]

Intelligence Real, Imagined, or Artificial


 Edward Snowden has published a paper describing the scope of attacks against journalists, as well as a strategy for monitoring and silencing your phone's transmissions. [2]

"If the Introspection Engine were the equivalent of connecting a patient to a medical device that sounds an alarm at the outbreak of an infection at the site of an open wound, the Silent Phone would be the equivalent of amputating the limb on which that wound sat: certainly effective, but also drastic. However, thanks to the ability to plug in an Ethernet adapter, we can provide the user with a serviceable prosthetic for connectivity when it is required. Just as any medical system requires extensive clinical testing before administration in a life-critical situation, the Introspection Engine requires significantly more validation before one would use it in true a life-or-death situation. However, a Silent Phone approach, like an amputation, doesn’t require FDA approval – and it is a treatment that can be performed with relatively crude tools."