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The Entity Phylum digs deep into the unknown and interrogates seven multi-dimensional entities that are currently affecting humanity in various ways. The story is the start of an intergalactic training program before reaching the highest clearance a person enters through military installations on Earth. The entities are not able to be seen with the naked eye, so Plateeney and Agent Eph through time have been prepared physically for entering these dimensions. This training program is the preparation to advance Plateeney and Agent Eph mentally. The year is 1944, and they are the first pair that will be able to interrogate these various entities. These interrogations are to be under the full control of the highest clearances and against the will of the different entities. Journey with Plateeney and Agent Eph to understand humanities deepest secrets. It’s time to experience the truth through the higher fields of research on the planet Earth. ~ [The Entity Phylum]The Entity Phylum.