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ET's connection with the chosen ones...

I am commissioned MJ12 channeling Draco the "solar" ET and exposing a real God's cosmic divinity to humanity.


Dr. Turi has never claimed on radio, television or in any public appearances that he is Nostradamus’ reincarnate.

In fact, just the opposite.

He simply mentioned that he was born in Provence France under the same stars and spent the last forty years rekindling his rare disciplines and spiritual values, following his 4th UFO experience.

His wisdom comes from ET’s downloading the cosmic code jurisdictions August 11th, 1991 in California and years of studying of Nostradamus’ divine astrology “Astropsychology."


Join thousands of VIP's who are learning all about the cosmic code secrets and trusting our universal - daily guidance and monthly personal horoscopes.


Astropsychology is a science and an art.

It is a science because it has its disciplines, solid structure and an art because, like a pianist, a painter or a singer, one must be born with “the gift” to grasp and translate the subtle symbolic meanings of the stars to others.

Entering the intuitional domain of those luminaries is difficult for what I refer to as “ young souls.”

These are the rational scientists, religious fanatics, skeptical astronomers, morons and ignorant alike.

What it comes down to; is that everyone can't learn at the same speed.

Humans are "computerized" by the universal mind to assimilate information in various ways, since not every human being is cosmically designed the same; period!

This is why wars and disagreements start at home with ones loved ones or elsewhere, in one’s immediate environment.

This traditionally “educated” crowd will refer to astrology as only a pseudo-science, which is a Greek prefix, signifying bogus.

Religious fanatics, skeptics, and ignorant will refer to it as “the work of the devil” or both.

At the same time, keep in mind that this material is also be manipulated through subconscious and the supraconscious psychical forces but keep in mind, God reward those fairly, by only using wisdom with good intentions.

Cosmic consciousness isn't a belief system. It should come natural to the senses by what is in the stars and heavens.

What is a deceptive Neptunian? [[5]]

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. We will not solve the problems of the world from the same level of thinking we were at when we created them. More than anything else, this new century demands new thinking: We must change our materially based analyses of the world around us to include broader, more multidimensional perspectives." ~Albert Einstein~

However, the "mental snob" horde thinks they know better than Einstein himself and won't honor the word science and art, while God fearing religious people lack total critical thinking and were made to follow others in their egocentric, financially oriented deceiving trip.

Since the dawn of time, Astrology has been used by every disappeared civilization such as the Mayans, the Incas, the Sumerians, the Atlantis etc.

With their temples of the Moon, temples of the Sun, those cultures new and used the cosmic code at their advantage.

Nevertheless, the great prophet did not use a watch or a computer 500 years ago and while many calculations are invented every day, none will never change nor alter the values of this methodology or 500 year old teachings.

One doesn't need mathematics...We leave that to “cosmic unconscious” Astronomers born to miss the forest for the tree and thinks planets are dead rocks depraved of any spiritual values.

Astrology is an art, you do not deal with the stars with numbers but with symbols, signs, metaphors, intuition.

Sir Isaac Newton said,” For every action and equal and equal reaction is to be expected.” Thus; the accumulated experiences of the soul in its previous reincarnation become its dues in terms of gifts or karma.

The inherited personal set of stars (UCI) unique celestial identity has a direct relationship with the universal mind and transforms into sins and/or virtues on this dense physical world.

To understand the dynamics of the cosmic code and its subtle impact upon man’s psyche, one should keep an open mind and intelligently educate their self on the subject.

However, knowing the supra-conscious psychical forces involved, and knowing “the future is the reincarnation of the thoughts,” I hate feeding evil and the public with “gloom and doom” but rest assured; many souls will continue to blame and ridicule “Messenger of the Gods.”

For this; any human being will remain a robot victimized or blessed by that of their karmic stars.



Just a couple of Terania's few videos:

ET transmutation by: Terania [7]

She cosmic devil: [8]

Some of Terania's feedback:

People created the term "God" or "Gods," just like the so called leading explanation to how the universe began.

All terms of expression for something bigger and not easily understood by humans, as is ALIEN (foreign).

But the UFO is in you.

Everything in creation has no beginning and no end.

God is "knowledge" or a higher state of consciousness.

Individuals created religious dogma and other accounts trying to solve many hidden questions.

One’s holy book notes that "We have been made in the image of God."

We were developed in the mind and physically by a mindful existence the same as us but the exception is that they had the power to create that certain "element."

Once humans, the power was lost.

Those beings never evolved into humans and that's why they have never been absent of the information.

For this, the bible states that we have been made in their image and likeness... Since we are the same as them but they had the power to take their awareness to the next order; so, they could visualize and remember, while forming continuous phenomenon.

And everything at that, by working with their higher self.

When people pass on; their wisdom becomes disconnected from their physical being and makes its way to other heights of the cosmos.

If one has consciousness, they should / can raise their spirits to accept more insight and even shape their actuality.

However, if one doesn't rise; they usually will tend to sink in the quick sands of Neptune (imagination / deception) because there is only one thin hair between divine information and pure imagination.

Therefore, there usually are other trips to the sublunary world to redo things (some multiple times), at least until the self realizes that knowledge because knowledge is power.

The consciousness that they had from the earliest part of our ancestry never had a starting point the way people view it but is eternal.

The difference is that, though some once like us; don't know what it's like being a person in their current structure...However, our similarity is in our consciousness that lasts forever.

Just think if you weren't in animate body and condition...Would you be able to explain the characteristics of people and their circumstances?

When people speak of extraterrestrials often and know the force is real, like anything; they emerge into genuine existence.

But there are all types and this is also one area; where one has to be cautious of drawing in the "infected reptilius" from various areas within the matrix (unfortunately made of more evil than good), since the psyche is fragile.

Though no one can control one’s thoughts or how they will connect their dots; even though something looks pre-set on any given astrological chart.

Yet, while certain questions may be answered regarding any specific individual that are specific or precise, most outcomes have a limited set of possible answers because only the universe knows the answer and "the subject at hand" makes their choices.

The query is left open and subjective to each person, as well as mundane events... There is really no objective standard because much too many are too subjective or biased.

As it is, too many have entered this life as one bad apple...They came with that purpose, temping others both consciously and subconsciously who are unaware; to go ahead and have an apple?

Nevertheless, most of the mass or all collective consciousness choose to take and eat from "their source" just because everyone else is.

The benevolent kinds have deserted their offspring on this planet many times before and they too have stated that while they may have been ready to assist humans from the third to the fourth dimension and higher; here again, the bottom line is there will be no changing their progress, to the point that they become held accountable entirely for the people of this planets kind.

They are to have said; that people on this planet make their fate as they go and they need to take the blame in all and that includes discipline in one’s life, as well as fixing one’s own errors themselves or endure the pain and karma that follows because of those choices… Or face similar setbacks that those certain extraterrestrials once had.

As this work has become more favorable, there have been more Galactic Federation space inhabitants that have also involved themselves in these groups and as some are from other planet systems, this is where it can be difficult sometimes to tell who is genuine on this planet apart from others.

Planetary consciousness is powerful when combined but self-equals whole first... The natural world is psychical.

They didn't enslave the population because one has the right to free will but if one wants real independence, part of the key is to do the homework and obtain that knowledge willingly.

For instance, the idea of thought; as the Egyptian deity ‘Thoth (time thought),’ which has its match in the classical (Greek) folklore as ‘Hermes.’

And to the citizens and soldiers of the ancient Roman Republic or empire; the almighty is Mercury (reasoning mind).

They are just different names for the same divinity.

Love, patience and understanding is the real illumination and the world is the material dragons which must release themselves from the slavery of the physical body, along with all the sloth, vanity, wrath, despair, pride, greed, extreme fornication and gluttony.

We, the material dragons can choose to give light for life or spit fire but all the fire (evil) is ignited by the material "solar" dragon's heat, fuel and oxygen and by low vibration, inviting more low entities and self-destruction. And as our DNA is like that of the trees. (i.e, - TERANIA: Rain forest wars) ... The tree breathes what we exhale and when the tree exhales, we need what the tree exhales.

So, we share a common fate with the tree.

But the general population is killing all what mother nature has granted us and within us (Draco *Purple Forbidden).

But you can't separate the forces of nature and too many have made a big "hole" in the big picture of it all.

And then, POOF! mass extermination.

Because what lurks in the shadows of the psyche is interacting with a bigger universal computer.

You can call it the Anti-Christ, Annunaki, Nibiru, the Illuminati, Billy Bob, Sally Sue, even Nostradamus or whatever God you believe in... Or the Mabus. Even the word astrology or divine astrology...It's just that the death / rebirth of these; has been and been through the UCI.

All terms of expression or another name created (Neptune -Pisces) to conceal something much bigger (astropsychology) that the masses may never come to accept or understand.

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13 and so on – making for the 12 physical worlds over the 12 spiritual worlds.

That's the HIDDEN dragon energy in each SELF that keeps on going throughout lifetimes...Like the SUN, it never ends and round and round it goes; all is the way it is because of the way it once was.

Problem is that you can't just fix it, in order to prevent the dire consequences of his (or her) destructive activities in the world within the coming age...It has to want to fix itself.

The only way to escape the abusive matrix is to transform into the eagle (positive) of the zodiac...I'm talking about Pluto and it's control beyond transformation.



Then again, no one is above the infinite spirit.

As even Nostradamus went through much difficult physical / spiritual work to disguise the names of certain persons (3) in political office over time for Antichrist, within coded puzzles: as to guard those naive persons from harm in the future, that may have identified themselves as those - through his predictions and maybe do something worse.

Might as well add Ophiuchus too...Another name created by the scientists to keep the masses digging through one cave after another.

For instance, Ophiuchus is nothing new. It's the spiritual hidden dragon’s polarity representing man and the snakes lost wisdom each one holds within and fights.” – Byproduct of astrology + astronomy + psychology = astropsychology (13 and so on or eternity – the Master combining all older discipline) Simply another name created for something much bigger, that the masses can’t nor may ever understand.

Though the vision of the end of religion as practiced the last 2000 years is slowly taking place and while God cosmic divinity or the universal consciousness of an eternal cosmic entity is to become accepted by future generations, keep in mind that Pisces is the sole basis of the world run by Neptune (imagination / deception) and it will always reside in ones chart.

There are two types of Aquarius...The genuine and the falsified version which the elites want to continue.

Though rather only in the "on a hippie trail - head full of zombie" kind of way, with their continuous support of the drug / pharmaceutical corporations, claiming to tell the world about aliens but in the sense that they are all bad and unaware of their purpose.

While trying to bring together the Jew / Christian / Islam...Yet leaving all other principles (old discipline) only open to query and unable to accept the real divine methodology or the truth behind those terms...Which are only used to conceal something set outside of traditional belief systems.

But they can get by with misusing and abusing the power by teasing the masses with their masonic hush signs?

So humanity must deal with both the religious and scientific matrix (the atheists) working overtime to destroy (and convince) each other and society, they alone own the truth.

Nevertheless, the Great Mother has been showing serious indication of hopelessness and giving signs of caution but seems there is no one to end the greedy money bags well - run machine and their favored, elect - exceptionally rich way of life.

Though nature personified has done it many times over.

Where the total large towns - much more advanced than our present civilization; were melted down for a long way, into the red hot - internal parts of volcanic matter.

The only difference between people and Mother Earth is that she has lifetimes to work with before like all else that was once born, will too pass on being marked out by the intense heat of the sun.

However, there are still many new “ET” tests she must bring to completion before the genuinely spiritual, human chromosomes of the “chosen ones;” are moved to yet another *Terra - Nueva* (new world) apt to offer her original virgin back.