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This page is dedicated to anyone who would like to share their thoughts or ideas about any subjects!
Did you ever had a great realization about something, and you felt like you need to write it down instantly before you forgot it? You might often had this feeling when you dealing with such subjects represented by this comm-unity, whether if you doing your research, reading articles, watching lectures, listening conversations, etc. Some realizations can be very unique and could come in most unusual circumstances (maybe even in your dreams), but nevertheless, can be very very important! Don't be afraid to share, and let's dedicate this page for those kinds of thoughts! One of the goals of UniWiki is to find out the truth about what's going on, and every contribution/idea you might share has a potential to get us closer to the truth! If you afraid, that your subject is controversial, remember the quote of Jimmy Church: "Let's just put everything on the table and figure this out"!

Personal Thoughts, Realizations, Ideas

Humanity Losing of Innocence

I have this thought for a long time now, that our human society is going through something that looks like losing our innocence. For example if we go back to 1963 when JFK has been murdered, the whole country of the US was absolutely devastated, and now 54 years later in 2017, nearly half the US country would celebrate if something like that would have happen. Can be a lot of explanation to this, starting with the media, that is constantly concentrating to lower our vibrations and keep us in this low state of mind. The news all around the world is getting more and more disturbing, depressing - also might worth mentioning that some news happens to be fake -, but nevertheless it looks like that year by year things are getting worse, something is clearly happening with humanity/society.

You see a deadly sin on almost every street corner, and in every home, literally.  And we tolerate it. Because it's common, it seems trivial, and we tolerate, all day long, morning, noon and night.

Quote from John Doe, movie Se7en (1995)

The other day I was thinking about a science subject that David Wilcock talks about in one of he's Wisdom Teachings episode on It's about how can a traumatic, life threatening event can cause spontaneous evolution/mutation, based on a study where lactose-intolerant cells being placed in a lactose environment, where some are mutated and started to consume the lactose, and therefore survived. So the cells reacted on their desperate environment, and evolved. In the light of this study, and considering that time is relative - and might be even irrelevant in higher densities -, there is a possibility that what we experiencing is losing our innocence - by being subjected into more and more dreadfulness in our world -, is a normal evolutionary process? Imagine it like you cooking something, as a metaphor. You need to heat it up, up to a boiling point, when the substance goes through a change.
Can our human experience be just a normal, natural process? If so, what is the next step? When we will reach our boiling point?